Stacking the Shelves

I feel like I have been away for the longest time and honestly, it has been making me so sad. Just as I was getting really invested in blogging, coming up with loads of future blog ideas, and working my way through my first ever Netgalley book, I got hit big time by my end of year deadlines.

I had something like 12,000 words to write by the end of April (discounting my dissertation which is hopefully being deferred) and I have my first exam on Monday so I have been crawling under the workload with barely any time for anything else. However, as my brain has decided it simply cannot cope with any more revision for tomorrow, I thought I would drop in as I was desperate to post at least something – especially as my new books I got with a birthday voucher arrived today! I put aside my NetGalley review books for the moment, as I was feeling stressed at having to think about reviewing and my uni work, so picked up The Girl of Ink & Stars a week ago and have barely been able to put it down since!  I’m really looking forward to getting stuck in with the other books: I’ll Give You the Sun (which has been on my to-read list foreveerrrrrr), Caraval (b/c I couldn’t resist as it was coming up on my dash so often) and Black and British: A Forgotten History (b/c I am so tired of seeing black British people being written out of our history by academics and so could not resist purchasing this).

Aside from books…

I had my 25th birthday on the 15th April – I didn’t do much, b/c once again deadlines… I do want to write a blog post in the next few weeks though in order to allow myself some cathartic release about birthdays when you’re trans.

Annnddddddddd…. I GOT AN AWARD!!

Sunset chaser
Me in the middle, with my excellent DSC colleagues on either side, and our Education Officer in the bottom!

For the past year I’ve been working at my university as a ‘Disabled Department Student Coordinator’ for the History department, which is someone who basically attends staff meetings to ensure disabled students are being represented and listened to, who can advocate for disabled students should they need help with academic issues, and who carries out an independent piece of research to audit their department to make recommendations for how the university could be made more accessible. I went to the award ceremony and not only did I win the DDSC of the year, but the two amazing DSC’s that I work with also won their counterpart award of ‘Department Student Coordinator of the Year’!! So….. basically the History team ruled the awards and it was great.

I’ve had quite a bittersweet time at my uni, especially over the past two years, where I’ve come up against a lot of issues with work/getting support from my department/issues with other students and it has somewhat tainted my view of my university experience. But as I’m so close to graduating now, the award ceremony was a nice way to celebrate all of our hard work and it will all be over before I know it.

I probably won’t be around for the next few weeks while I battle through the last few deadlines, but good luck to everyone else during the deadline/exam period and see you safely on the other side!

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