What’s to Come // July 2017

Monthly Wrap Up (1)

Hey again everyone! Look how good I’m being with posting consistently at the moment (although HA lets see how long this lasts for). 

I thought this would be a great time to post up my first outlook on what (I hope) the month of July might bring in terms of reading, playing and blogging. I’ve found it really hard to regularly blog without a schedule, so I’m hoping that doing this will actually give me some structure and something to aim for so that I can post more! So, here are my goals for this month, what are yours?

Books header

Need to finish

590b776511ff5.imageI desperately need to finish Radium Girls. It’s an amazing ARC I got from Netgalley on the 22nd April about the women who worked as dial-painters in America during the 1920s, and who fought relentlessly for years for the Radium companies they worked for to take responsibility for the toxic radium poisoning many of the girls got, which lead to a horrendous amount of death and suffering. Whilst I’m really enjoying the book so far, I’m quite a slow reader and this seems to be a little bit on the lengthy side book. Having said that I’m now on 54% so hopefully I can finish it this month. When I first joined Netgalley I didn’t understand how it actually worked, so requested and was approved for loaaaaads of non-fiction books which always take me forever to read D: One day I’ll finish what I have, so I can actually request some fiction (and get approved for them).

I’m also in the middle of reading the amazing ‘The Spectacle’ edition of Skin Deep’s bi-annual publication which I really want to finish and write a glowing review for. For something which I got for a really reasonable £6, it’s packed full of amazing opinion pieces, art and design work, and interviews on issues of race and culture in an enjoyable, more accessible format than online blog posts and academic articles sometimes are.


In addition to Radium Girls, I’ve set myself 3 other books I would like to read at the very least. I bought I’ll Give You the Sun with my birthday gift card back in April (!!) but haven’t gotten around to reading it. I just got The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet for £1 on Amazon as I’ve wanted to read it for the past year and am jealous of everyone else getting to read the next instalment, A Closed and Common Orbit. I also want to finish one of my other Netgalley ARC’s, True Sex: The Lives of Trans Men at the end of the 20th Century. If I manage to finish all of those, maybe I can even slip The Ocean at the End of the Lane in!

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Like my TBR list, my to play list is ever-growing and yet doesn’t seem to be diminishing. Despite recently accumulating something like 6 or 8 games over the past few months alone, I have only finished one (Dragon Age Inquisition) so I really want to crack on and get through the ones I have so that I can play all the new ones being released later this year!!

My gaming goals for this month are to try and get through Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, which I’ve just started, and also play a sufficient amount of the Sims 3 as I’ve finally bought Into the Future! If I somehow miraculously finish Deus Ex this month or get bored of it I’ll probably line up a PC game like Wolfenstein or Mass Effect that I got in the Steam Sale!

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I really need to get my blogging butt in order this month, so I’ve set myself up with some proper blogging goals for July to combat this. Wish me luck!

As I do Top 5 Wednesday with the Happy Homo Book Club, I thought I might try doing Top 10 Tuesday for here as I love getting involved in community posts (although I just heard this might be on a hiatus until August). I also want to bring Stacking the Shelves over to here as I’m always the one who seems to have added about 5-10 books a week and there’s never enough room for all of mine.

Reviews: I thought that I’d done really rubbish in terms of reading last month, but going through my June wrap-up it turns out I did quite well (I read 5 books, which is great for me!) However, my writing anxiety starting making me freak out a bit about posting up more reviews as they’re quite time-consuming and I want to do a good job! I’m going to try and work on relaxing about reviewing, and aim to write a review for at least half the books I read – even if it’s just a little review. I’m aiming to finish up reviews for:

  • The Miniaturist
  • The Spectacle
  • Caraval

Seeing as my opinion pieces, especially those on gender, and book tags have been proving to be the most popular posts I’ve done, I would like to post at least one proper article and one book tag a week to keep providing you all with fresh content and, hopefully, facilitate some discussion. I would love to hear what people think of my work, whether you disagree or agree, so please comment!

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2 thoughts on “What’s to Come // July 2017

    1. Haha well that offers some motivation to actually writing them! I night try and finish Caraval today as I half wrote it already but never posted it.


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