Wrap Up | October

September turned out to be a fairly successful month for me. My blogging frequently is increasing, at a snail’s pace but it’s something, but the biggest thing to come out of September was finally getting my result’s for my dissertation and degree! After a long and very painful 28 days, I found out I got a 1st overall for my degree and over 75% for my dissertation. After all the shit that has happened throughout the 3.5 years of my degree, it honestly feels like the best trophy to get a 1st AND survive being at university. I still can’t quite believe it, and I definitely can’t believe that it’s already the 1st day of October! Time flies by too fast, but I like to at least begin the month with a vague outline of what I might be getting up to.


So, aside from me basking in my degree glory what else have I/will I be getting up to? Well, the biggest thing is probably that I’ve finally kicked off my Queer Coding in Disney series over on youtube. Queer Coding is beginning to be talked about a lot more in recent years, and as there were so many people who couldn’t make my session at Nine Worlds I thought it would be worth uploading them so everyone can watch them! I’ve only recorded the introduction so far, but What is Queer Coding? will be up in the next few days.

I’m also looking into doing some volunteering, as part-time jobs are seemingly completely non-existent, and I think filling my time with something outside of blogging would really help my depression and anxiety. I spend a lot of days sitting around, feeling pretty useless and this, in turn, makes it harder and harder to blog. I also contacted a diverse streaming group about the potential of streaming with them, but haven’t heard anything back yet. If you know of any cool opportunities going, please let me know 🙂


I really enjoyed writing some proper article type blogs last month which got a lot of positive reactions from others, such as Giving Yourself Permission, and Why It’s Okay to Not Have a Great Time at University, so I’m aiming to start posting one or two a week. I’ve been really terrible at keeping to schedule as life stuff constantly seems to get in the way but fingers crossed I’ll be able to post more consistently. I’d also like to do a proper write-up for Queer Coding in Disney so those might make an appearance at some point.


September turned out to be a pretty good month for reading. I managed to read 3 books, which is exactly 2 more than I usually would manage to read, but hopefully, October will be even better! I’m currently in the middle of an ARC ‘Things a Bright Girl Can Do‘ by Sally Nichols which I’m excited about reviewing, and am also reading ‘The Tower Menagerie‘ by Daniel Hanh. I have a few more NetGalley books I reaaallllllly want to get through and a couple of books from the library/gifts that have been sitting around for a while. I’m not a massive fan of themed reads, but let me know if you’ve got any cool Spoopy recommendations! Oh! And of course, I’ve just pre-ordered The Book of Dust which is being released on the 19th October which I’m SO EXCITED FOR. I also *need* to actually do my review for The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet because I have a lot of love that needs to be let out.


October *will* be the month in which I do my review of Season 1 of Atypical. It will! I have been promising to review this for ages and it’s on my list for this month for sure. I’ve been doing super good at actually giving myself permission to watch and play more stuff, so last month I got stuck into Civilization V, Mass Effect, Star Trek: Discovery, Astronauts: Do you have what it takes?Some Like It Hot, Singin’ in the Rain, and lots of other stuff I don’t usually allow myself to watch. I’m hoping to post a little weekly edition of ‘What’s on the Box’ to share in some of the great stuff I’m watching at the moment, and, fingers crossed finish playing Mass Effect and finish streaming Dream Daddy.

Doing these posts has been useful for setting myself goals of what I plan to do this month, but often it can feel a little bit like yelling into the void and it can get pretty demotivating when I have no one checking up on me to see how I’m doing. Drop me a comment or tweet me with your responses, and hold me to my word this month!

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