February TBR | LGBT History Month (UK)

February is already 7 days in and that means LGBT History Month is upon us. Unlike those of you in the US who are currently celebrating Black History Month, February is LGBT History Month for us (BHM is in October). It’ll no doubt be a little bit confusing for both you and me due to the difference but hopefully you’ll still enjoy my LGBT History Month-inspired posts anyway! In addition to sharing my February TBR with you in this post, I’ll be posting additional blogs throughout this month sharing with you some of my favourite Queer historical figures, Queer books, recommended reads for LGBT History Month and any LGBTHM events I go to!

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-> Trans Britain: Our Journey From The Shadows. Edited by Christine Burns
This is my #1 read for this month. Myself and my partner helped to kickstart the publication of this massively important book and, as a thank you for doing so, our names are in the back 🙂 Trans Britain is a must-read for LGBT History Month.

-> Sister Outsider by Audre Lorde
I have gone too many years without making time for an Audre Lorde book so I definitely want to make time for Sister Outsider this month.

-> The Color Purple by Alice Walker
This will technically be a re-read but as I read The Color Purple 8 years ago I think it’s time to re-read it again during LGBTHM.

-> Transgender Warriors: Making History from Joan of Arc to RuPaul by Leslie Feinberg 
Another hugely influential LGBTQ+ book that I haven’t made time for before now. I feel like no LGBTHM reading list would be complete without something from Feinberg and Transgender Warriors would be the perfect pick.

-> Trans Liberty Riot Brigade by L.M Pierce
Trans Liberty Riot Brigade is an ARC I was approved for last month and thought it would be a great LGBT-themed read for this month. I don’t know much about it, or the author, besides the description on Netgalley so fingers crossed it’s not going to be awful!

-> The Wicked Cometh by Laura Carlin 
Another ARC I was approved for last month, The Wicked Cometh is a fantastic historical fiction with an MC f/f romance. I actually finished it just a few days ago so keep an eye out for the review soon!

-> Ibuki by Katheryn Sommerlot
I had originally picked Ibuki as another LGBT-themed read for this month but after about 22% I decided to DNF it as I felt it was very poorly written and lacking cultural depth (Ibuki is written by a white female author who currently lives in Japan) so I won’t continue with it but it was on my TBR for February.

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Non-LGBT themed reads

If by some miracle I read all of my LGBTHM books or wanted a break, I had already picked out a few books for my February TBR (back before I remembered it was LGBTHM). If not then these will definitely be making an appearance on next month’s TBR!

-> Red Rising by Pierce Brown

-> A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas

-> The Bear and the Nightingale by Katherine Arden

-> Smoke Gets in your Eyes and Other Lessons from the Crematorium by Caitlin Doughty

-> Eliza and her Monsters by Francesca Zappia – Life & Lit Diverse BOTM

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6 thoughts on “February TBR | LGBT History Month (UK)

  1. Nice picks! I really don’t know if there is a LGBTHM in Germany but I am always excited to read LGBT voices anyway. I recently added ‘To My Trans Sisters’ to my reading list and hopefully, I will get to it before the end of February!

    I really need to read The Colour Purple one day, I’ve been hesitating because of the sexual assault storyline. 😦

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! It’s so hard given that there is no ‘universal’ day for LGBTHM and lots of countries don’t seem to have it at all. It’s been really great to be able to focus on important Queer books this month though and learn more about my history ❤

      That's a fair reason! Maybe you could start with the film first so you can always fast-forward any scenes? The film is excellent as well


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