March TBR | Women’s History Month

Another History month in quick succession from the last one – this time it’s Women’s History Month! Thankfully it’s not just the UK celebrating WHM so it’s much easier to get involved in things that are going on in the blogosphere and plan my TBR around that. Sadly, I only managed to read 1.5 books of my LGBTHM TBR last month and that definitely needs to improve for this month.

Women’s History Month Bingo

whm_bingo.jpgThe main event that I’m revolving my March TBR around is Life & Lit‘s Women’s History Month Bingo. I never used to join in when bingo events were running but when I took part in the Life & Lit‘s Christmas Hogwarts House Bingo I ended up reading a lot of books! Who would’ve figured that competitions and whispering to the completionist in me would work like that? (*shifty face*) Anyway, I’m SUPER EXCITED about this bingo and have already mostly figured out which books I’m reading for which square. This time Life & Lit have made a bit easier as well – you can read 1 book for 2 different squares! That might come in handy for me further down the line but I want to at least try to read a different book for each space!

I’ve also managed to make sure that every single book I’m reading for the Bingo is also eligible for Beat the Backlist and crosses off some of the books that have been hanging around on my Goodreads and physical bookshelf.

March is the month of BOOK ACHIEVEMENTS!

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March TBR

Achilles wanted to get into the #bookstagram spirit too!

* Owned
(L) Library Book
(E) eARC

The Bear and the Nightingale by Katharine Arden -> Magical Women
One of the books I bought myself with a voucher for Christmas and got put aside in favor of library books. I’m really excited to read it, especially when the UK is in super winter/snow mode as I’ve heard it makes a beautiful winter book.

* A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas -> Female Mythical Creature
Another book I own (found in a charity shop in perfect condition for only £2!) that I have been raring to read but not made time for. This one definitely appeared in my life thanks to the Book Blogger Hype Grapevine so I’m hoping it lives up to expectations!

* The Snow Child by Eowyn Ivey -> Mom Goals
The poor Snow Child has been on my TBR since I first got Goodreads in 2012 and I haven’t read it even though I own it. I’m not 100% sure if it will fit into the Mom Goals space but if not hopefully I can use it for something else!

* Legend by Marie Lu -> Women of Colour
This was also a Christmas voucher book that got put aside! I had read Warcross shortly before and was really interested in reading some more of Marie Lu’s work as she’s a great author.

* Yaqui Delgado Wants to Kick Your Ass by Meg Medina -> Girls who Fight 
YDWTKYS has been on my GR list since 2012 as well even though I’ve been SUPER excited to read it. I haven’t seen it being talked about by anyone else even though it sounds like a great YA read and is #ownvoices. So hopefully I’ll be able to promote the hell out of it when I’ve finally read it.

* Allegiant by Veronica Roth -> Female Villain
My partner bought my the book set for Christmas in 2016 and I have still not finished it! Although I enjoyed the first book, the plot and writing went downhill in Insurgent and it’s taken me an entire year to work up to reading Allegiant!

(L) Leia: Princess of Alderaan by Claudia Gray -> A Book with a Queen
Tbh I could use this for soooooo many squares because Leia is the most kickass of characters but I’ve settled on book with a Queen for this one. I did such a happy dance in the shop when this first came out and was even more pleased when the library got it. I can’t wait to read more about Leia ❤

(E) Planetfall by Emma Newman -> Girls with Flaws
I timed starting this just before March hit so it’s a little bit snuck in but I think it’s such a fantastic book to use for this bingo and for this space. Our MC is filled with flaws and I was really impressed to see a character with Hoarding Disorder in a science fiction novel. So far it’s been a brilliant read and I’m desperate to know how it ends!

(L) Lumberjanes by Noelle Stevenson -> Graphic Novel with female MC 
I have been wanting to read Lumberjanes for years, even more so after I read and loved Nimona. This bingo is giving me the perfect push to finally read volume 1 and I can’t wait.

* Last Train to Istanbul by Ayşe Kulin -> Based on Real Women/Sisters
One of my best friends is Turkish and I’m always looking out for more opportunities to learn about Turkish history and culture. Last Train to Istanbul is a historical fiction novel, translated into English, which is apparently like a collection of stories about Turkish people and how WW2 affected them but focuses on two female sisters.

(L) The Miseducation of Cameron Post by Emily Danforth -> Queer Women
Another poor book that has been on my TBR since 2012 even though it sounds fantastic and a really interesting look at the experiences of a queer teen outside of mainstream LGBTQ stories. Everyone I know who has read this has rated it five stars so I can’t wait to finally get my hands on it.

(L) Gemina (The Illuminae Files_02) by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff -> Girls in Love
Yesssssssssssssssssssss. I was going to read Gemina this month anyway but it fits perfectly into this bingo and Life & Lit are doing an Illuminae Files read along. The world is providing me every opportunity to read this ASAP as I loved Illuminae so much.

What are your TBR plans for March?
Will you be taking part in any events this month too?
Do we have any reads in common?
Drop a comment below or tweet me @RedRocketPanda and let me know!

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9 thoughts on “March TBR | Women’s History Month

  1. This sounds so fun and your TBR looks amazing! The Bear and the Nightingale is the perfect atmospheric winter read, I look forward to hearing what you think of it 🙂 The Snow Child is really wintery too (duh) and definitely fits into mom goals. Happy reading!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I LOVE Lumberjanes!!! I hope you will like it, they are so quirky and fun. The story feels really random at first, but it’s brilliant. Just beware, if you continue on, that Vol. 3 changes art styles for some reason. Not sure if it sticks but I prefer the original one.

    Liked by 1 person

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