The Sunday Post | New blog announcements!

The second week of April has arrived and I’m slowly getting my blogging butt into gear. With the start of each new month, I always have the best of intentions. Lists and lists in different notebooks full of ideas for new blogging content. A rough idea of a schedule in my mind. Thoughts about new features. Yet, I never seem to be able to organize myself enough to actually get any of these done!

Part of the reason for this is that I really struggle without a blog schedule. Although I have ideas, I don’t sit down and formulate them into any kind of coherent plan. And because I have no plan, I end up feeling really anxious and overwhelmed. I dither over what days to publish things and get anxious about writing something new in case it’s not interesting or is badly written. As the day’s trickle by, I often reach the end of the week without posting much more than TTT and/or a book tag and/or a review. I feel guilty for not delivering any fresh content or including more discussion related posts and promise myself I will sort it all out for the next week. The next week turns into the next month and basically, it never gets done.

But no longer! I am getting my butt into gear, going out on a limb and launching into a new blogging schedule before I have time to freak out about it. Over the next week, I will be introducing a few new weekly features so that know what I’m supposed to be posting each week and you can have some content consistency for a change! The new blogging schedule looks a little something like this:

  • Mailbox Monday – weekly announcements and a place where I can actually talk to you all about personal topics/news/feels
  • Top Ten Tuesday – continuing my (mostly) regular TTT posts
  • Book Tag Thursday – because I love book tags and they deserve their own special day
  • What’s on the Box (Friday) – a space for me to actually talk about some non-reading related entertainment which includes tv series, films, and games. Shout out to Kat for encouraging me to actually pick up this idea ❤
  • Let’s Discuss (Sunday) – my two Let’s Discuss posts have been some of my most popular posts that I’ve done and I really, really want to create more interactive content that involves you all

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Aside my introducing my new blogging schedule, I am very slowly working up the courage to redesign my blog. I have had the same design, header and sign off graphics since I first started my blog a year ago, and to be honest I don’t think it looks very good. At the time, I didn’t feel confident enough to work out a unique design or the money to commission someone to design me a new header and I don’t have the skills to do it myself. So, throughout the month of April and May, I am hoping to commission someone to design me a personalized header featuring my red panda character, redesign the layout of the blog, and include proper social media icons for better networking.

If you all have any suggestions, feedback or ideas for either content that you would like to see/have more of and/or about my blog design that please do leave me a comment below. I’d love for you all to have some input into shaping this blog so that it continues to grow even bigger and better than it currently is ❤

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Autumn (1)

» I have an interview tomorrow at work for a full-time position of my current job. I’ve been deliberating this for a while as there are so many factors to consider such as my disability, arrangements for my dog, and my partner’s work schedule. I would love to do my job full-time but it would be an entirely new experience for me so I am very nervous. If I don’t get the job though I won’t be too upset as I’ll still have my part-time role and can reapply at a later date.

» Last week me and my partner rescued a stray dog! My partner found her running around and across the main road near our house looking very tired and frightened. She had no collar or ID tag on, but looked healthy and well-loved by a family. We had intended to keep her overnight before taking her to the vets to check for a microchip but unfortunately, her and Achilles did not get on inside the house. I took her into work though and she was reunited with her family the following day – such a lovely end to the story.

» My 26th birthday will be this Sunday! It’s going to feel so weird being on the other side of 25 and I can’t believe the first 26 years old my life has gone so quickly. TIME SLOW DOWN! If you would like to get me anything for my birthday you can check out my Amazon wishlist here. I am also always in the market for second-hand books, accessories, fandom things, and hand-written notes as well so if you would like to get me anything but can’t afford anything on my list then I would be ecstatic to receive anything from friends ❤

» It was my blog’s first birthday on the 6th April!!! I cannot believe it has been an entire year since I started blogging but it has been phenomenal. This blog first started as a little distraction from the impending end of my time at university, but since then it has truly grown to be so important to me. I’ve made so many amazing friends, gotten to read some stunningly written books and even had some heart-warming interactions with authors. Thank you all so much for supporting me, encouraging me and interacting with my content! I can’t wait to see what the next blogging year brings me.

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That’s it for today!
Hope you’ve enjoyed this new feature.
Please drop me a comment if you have any suggestions ❤

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6 thoughts on “The Sunday Post | New blog announcements!

  1. I am so excited for you to do the What’s On the Box feature! I am sure it’s going to be a lot of fun 😀
    Also, good luck for your interview. I can definitely see how that kind of change would make you nervous, I would probably feel the same. It’s a good thing that nothing much would change in case it didn’t work out, because I feel like that takes a bit of the pressure off (at least more so than if this was an interview while you had no job at all?)
    The dog you rescued looks so cute. I am glad it got reunited with its family!!
    And lastly, HAPPY BLOGIVERSARY!! How nice that it’s so close to your actual birthday 😀


  2. You have so many exciting things going on, congrats!!! 🙂 It’ll be fun seeing what you do with your blog, and I’m glad you feel able to blog about stuff besides books. It’s nice to get to know people a little bit more outside their bookish habits.

    Liked by 1 person

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