The Second Annual Book Blogger Awards

Thank you so, so much to both Malanie and Jenna for nominating me the Second Annual Book Blogger Awards for the category ‘best book blogger from an underrepresented/minority group’. I am honestly completely blown away by the fact that I’ve been nominated not only for these awards but also that category in particular. It really, really means a lot to me. Becoming part of the book blogging community has been my favorite part of book blogging. It’s not only amazing to be recognized by others but also to have the opportunity to nominate my fellow bloggers for this award.

The Annual Book Blogger Awards were created by Joce @ Write Through the Night. Until April 30th you can nominate bloggers for each of the categories listed below, making sure that there is a pingback to the original post. From May 13th-May 20th, the 4 bloggers with the most nominations in each category will go through to the Twitter voting round. Then on June 1st, the winner will be announced. You can nominate up to 3 people per category.

This is a fantastic chance to show appreciation for your favorite bloggers and help to give them a bigger platform in the community. Please do take the time to register your nominations in a post on your blog. You do not have to be nominated to nominate others ❤

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My Nominations

best blogger


The Book Deviant // Obviously I have to nominate The Other Avery for this category. I admire Other Avery a lot. Their blog is professional a.f, their reviews are always well-written, and they are just a really wonderful person. I know Other Avery isn’t posting a lot right now so I want them to be recognized as a fantastic member of our community even more. Long Live Team Avery.

Allonsythornraxx // I’m not 100% certain of Ellyn’s age so hopefully, I have the age category right. I really love Ellyn’s blog. Aesthetically it is just an absolute dream to look at (I wish my blog looked so good) and the content is always A+++. I love Ellyn’s Top 6 lists, book reviews, discussion posts… pretty much every single thing Ellyn posts I end up loving!


What the Log // Wendy’s blog is definitely one of my favorite blogs and favorite people. I always enjoy what Wendy posts whether it’s her diverse book reviews, diverse book blogger spotlight, #mentalhealthmonday, posts related to the publishing industry, or her book recommendations. Everything on it is always top quality and excellent.

Life & Other Disasters // I have so much love for Kat and am such a massive fan of her blog. I like that Kat mixes up book blogging with film blogging so I get a good hit for two of my fave things at once. She is such a lovely person as well!


Huntress of Diverse Books // I adore Sinead’s blog and everything about it. I would definitely say that it has been one of my favorite blogs that I’ve discovered during my first year of blogging. Her dedication to reviewing and championing diverse books means that her blog is full of absolute gems which everybody should also be talking about!


best blogger (1)


Howling Libraries // There is no way that I couldn’t nominate Destiny for this category ❤ Not only one of the most wonderful people in the entire world but also QUEEN of YA.

Thoughts and Afterthoughts // I appreciate Joey’s YA book reviews so much. Everything is laid out really nicely and he makes these amazing rating system pictures to give you all of the relevant info up front in an easy to understand format. Super unique and attractive.


No nominations as I don’t think I know of anyone who reviews many MG books? (if you do then tell me!)


The Book Dutchesses // It was really hard to narrow down a category to nominate Candyce and Isabelle for because they post so much good content but they put in a lot of hard work for romance-related book tours and cover reveals which are always fun to read.


Bookidote // This one was also really hard both to choose someone for this category and also of which category to nominate Bookidote for cause, tbh, I could nominate them for so many categories. Both Trang and Lashaan are amazing bloggers who not only run a super successful blog but also are legit nice people?! I’ve nominated Bookidote for this category because I always love, love, love their sci-fi/dystopian/fantasy reviews the most out of all of the amazing content they post!


No nominations for the same reason as MG


No nominations for the same reason as MG/NA/GA


Reading Under the Blankie // For some reason, I’ve only just noticed that I haven’t been following Norrie’s WordPress (only twitter) all this time which means I’ve been missing out on so much good content! Her reviews of mystery/thrillers/crime are excellent, enjoyable to read and to the point. I’m guilty of using too many words, but Norrie uses the perfect amount to review books and draw the reader into genres that might not be their usual cup of tea!


best blogger (2)


What’s Nonfiction? // I would definitely have nominated What’s Nonfiction for a genre-specific award but as there isn’t one for Nonfiction they’re getting nominated for best book reviews because that is also very true! I really appreciate how well their reviews are always written to the point where they wouldn’t be amiss from newspaper/magazine review pages. Everything is always well-thought out, well-written and contextualized within the real world – all of which I love!


Another Book in the Wall // Kelly’s weekly features are always so much fun and always look AMAZING. Her most recent Top Ten Tuesday freebie – Favourite Book Boyfriends – proves my point on both of these points!


Caitstiel’s Book World // There are so many beautiful bookshelves that constantly taunt my eyes but I do love Caitlin’s bookshelves in particular. All of their photos on Instagram just make me so happy.


Huntress of Diverse Books // I just had to nominate Sinead (again) for this. Her blog is literally full of amazing book recommendations and since following her I have discovered some truly amazing diverse reads that I just haven’t been able to get enough off. For my birthday FOUR of the books on my wishlist were there as a result of Sinead’s recommendations and if that doesn’t speak volumes then I don’t know what will!


Drizzle and Hurricane Books // I had to pick Marie for this one because honestly, her discussion posts are always like a breath of fresh air. It can be really hard to keep thinking of fresh discussion topics but Marie’s posts are always refreshing, exciting and generate really good opinions. Two of my favorites that she recently posted were ‘How the hell do you review a book?!‘ and ‘Is book blogging still relevant?‘ Marie – asking the real questions.

best blogger (3)


Malanie Loves Fiction // Of course, I have to nominate Malanie for most engaged in the community. I feel like Malanie is like a little book blogger cheerleader, she is always so happy, cheering everyone up and along on their little blogging journeys, and always promoting her fellow book bloggers.


Aurora Librialis // I still cannot get over how beautiful Aurora’s blog and it brings me so much joy everytime I visit it. It is one of the most beautiful blogs I’ve ever come across and I constantly have so much aesthetic envy over it.

Flavia the Bibliophile // The entirety of Flavia’s blog is just completely flawless. Every single thing on her blog is beautifully laid out, elegant and professional. Her blog is definitely my ultimate blog aesthetic goal.


No nominations because I am not a good enough social media person enough to know who is a social media influencer :’)


Mel to the Any // Where would I be in my life without Melanie?! Her friendliness and encouragement makes her a shining beacon within the book blogging community. The community is full of people are amazing, but honestly, I think Melanie is the queen of them all.


best blogger (4)


Thoughtful Black Girl // I knew that I wanted to nominate Daja for one of these awards, and I thought that best new book blogger would be perfect for her (even though she had a different blog before but this one was is new so it counts!) Her blog, thoughtful black girl, has only been going since December 2017. I’ve loved following her and I can’t wait to see what she gets up to during her first year of blogging. Please check out her blog and show some support.


Drizzle and Hurricane Books // When I was first planning my nominations for each categories, there were so many categories that I wanted to nominate Marie for. Her book reviews are always on point, laid out in a way that is sooooooo aesthetically pleasing and easy to read, and full of brilliant observations. Her discussion posts are always really unique and really fun. And she is one of the friendliest, most supportive and best personalities in the book blogging community. Without a doubt, Marie is the best book blogger I have come across. Over the past year of following her, she has posted nothing but fresh content, encouraging comments and made so much time for others. I couldn’t think of a better person who deserves to win this category (and so many other categories tbh!) ❤ ❤ ❤

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Good luck to everyone nominated for the annual book blogger award.
Don’t forget to nominate your own favorites for each category – there are only 11 days left to nominate – and I can’t wait to see who you all choose

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20 thoughts on “The Second Annual Book Blogger Awards

  1. Oh Avery, thank you so much for that nomination! It means so much to me!! Also, I just really appreciate these nominations as a whole, as it really showcases some of the loveliest and most dedicated people in the community, while also showing me some bloggers I definitely need to keep an eye on. ❤

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  2. Oh my goodness, I’m blushing!!! Thank you SO much for nominating me and for your incredibly kind and thoughtful compliments! I can’t tell you how happy I am to hear that you get so much out of my reviews, that makes my day and then some. I am just so flattered by your words! You know I think you’re wonderful too 🙂 Thanks again for this nomination!!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh you’re too kind!

    But I’m really glad you appreciate the mini graphics and TL;DR style reviewing system I open up my reviews with (because no one has time to read the other 2k words lololol). I seldom get comments on the graphics, actually, so I’m extremely thankful of your thoughtful words!


  4. Yeah so, if you’re looking for me, I’m staring at your blog post for the past two hours and crying?! I can’t believe you would nominate me for best discussion and best book blogger overall?! I don’t know what I did to deserve this much love, honestly I am so honored that you thought about me for these awards ❤ Thank you so, so much for your sweet words, this means the world to me that you enjoy my post and work overall, I'm trying my best but I also love it very much and words like that makes it feel like all I do really is worth it, worth something and having such genuine and sweet connections. Thank you SO much for this, seriously.
    I'll go back to cry on my couch for a little while now. You made me very emotional hahaha.
    I'll probably come back after to check out the lovely bloggers I don't know yet ❤
    Thank you!!! ❤ ❤ ❤


  5. Thank you so much, Avery! For the nomination and for the sweet words 😊 You totally made my day 💕 I need to check out all these blogs!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. thank you so much for nominating people!!! the not having a genre-specific for nonfiction is a super big oversight haha i’ll be sure to include it next year!! I love hearing about all of these blogs that i’ve never been to before!!!

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