Hello Pandas!

It’s here! The summer is here. Pride is here. All the good things have finally arrived and this makes me very happy. June looks set to be a very busy month for me because, as per usual, I have buried myself under a huge TBR full of queer reads as well as my picks for the Ramadan Readathon. I tried to practice a bit more restraint but it hasn’t happened. There’s always time to practice the less is more mindset next month though! I have also *gasp* actually planned the majority of my blog posts in advance to expect lots of exciting content about ocean day themed reads, queer comics, and lots of discussions!

For now though, all the books and all the pride.

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Important Dates for this Month

  • Pride month – All month!
  • Ramadan Readathon – 17th May – 15th June
  • Ocean Day – 8th June
  • Autism Pride – 18th June
  • My blind date pride event: The Song of Achilles – 30th June

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As always I’ve fallen into the trap of setting myself an extensive list and tbh I realistically won’t have time to read all of them but we shall see :’)

What reads have you got planned for this month?

14 thoughts on “June TBR | PRIDE HAS ARRIVED

  1. your Pride TBR looks amazing! especially The Baker Thief and Yes, You Are Trans Enough. and Tone of Voice, of course 🙂 I also have City of Strife but haven’t gotten around to reading it yet :/

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  2. Happy pride, Avery!!! I don’t plan my TBR’s, cause I’m too much of a mood reader, but I’ll definitley try to read some queer books this month 😊 I didn’t know about Ocean Day, but I look forward to your post about it!


  3. i love ur lists, avery, bc i usually don’t know like 80% of the books on them and they all look amazing!! it’s the same this time, i literally only know 3 books u listed??? (the baker thief, blue is the warmest color & persepolis) bless
    happy pride!!!!

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      1. NOICE !!!!
        i wanna dedicate all my tuesday moods this month to lgbt books so hopefully u’ll find sth new there as well!


  4. happy pride 😀

    i hope all your books are great!
    my book club are reading song of achillese this month for pride :3 it was a super popular choice so i look forward tgo seeing ur post about it


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