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I wanted to come at you all this week with something I’ve been thinking about a lot recently – themed TBR’s! This year one of my goals was to do more themed reads throughout the year. Last year I didn’t do any themed reads/TBR’s at all, and I felt like I ended up really missing out on events like Bingos and awareness months like Black History Month. I have a lot of books that I always intend to read but never find the time for, so sometimes themed TBR’s can be a massive kick up the butt!

However, this year I’m having the opposite problem – lots of themed TBR’s but no time for other books… (the hard life of a book blogger, ey?) For example, if you saw my June Pride TBR it’s pretty much allllllllll pride reads, which there’s nothing wrong with imo, but it does mean that I get behind on my ARCs and owned TBR. I do my best to match up appropriate ARCs and owned books to the theme for that month but it often results in lots of other books getting left behind.

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Everyone has a completely different way that they read, plan and blog so I wondered how you all organize yourselves each month? I know some people do away with TBR’s completely which really works for them, while others need to structure their reading otherwise, all hell breaks loose (the latter one is me for sure).

Do you like taking part in themed reads? And if so, do you only dedicate a small number of reads to the theme?

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I feel a bit frustrated with the rigidity of my themed TBR’s at the moment but I think a lot of that comes from me getting carried away. Rather than select 1-3 books that fit the theme, I end up orientating my entire TBR around the theme so there’s no room for anything else.

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I really loved Wendy‘s brilliant video where she let her boyfriend pick her TBR for the month and would love to try that out. Sometimes I can be really controlling so it would be nice to have someone (albeit someone who knows me well lol) to choose my TBR for me. I’ve also been eyeing up the State of the ARC posts I’ve seen by bloggers I follow which I think would be brilliant to help me tackle that peskily long ARC list I have going on at the moment.

It’s always great to try new things and I think these next few months would be a great time to mix up my style a bit more over the summer!

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10 thoughts on “Discussion | Themed TBR’s

  1. I love themed TBRs, but also I never do them because I’m horrible at keeping up with them. I just read whatever I feel like – or more accurately, lately all I seem to be reading is ARCs :/


  2. Oh wow I somehow missed that you linked my post in this?? Thank you! ❤ Yeah, State of the ARC helps, although I'm still horrified by the people who have 60+ unread ARCs.

    I also remembered that I used to do this thing for a while where I had 5 of my friends pick 5 books for me to read the next month. I did it for around two months and I never read all five. Oops?


  3. This is a really interesting post, about something I often think about.

    I have not yet participated in a themed TBR (on account of me never really having a TBR in the first place, I tend to just pick up whatever I feel like reading). This was never a particularly big deal for me, but since getting more into wordpress (after mainly book blogging on tumblr) I have started to wonder if I’m missing out. You can sometimes feel like you’re missing out on the conversation by not participating in a themed TBR.

    However, I find that whenever I set myself a TBR, I’m really bad at keeping to it! I either end up feeling guilty if I don’t enjoy the books I’ve allotted myself, or my mood completely shifts and suddenly none of the books seem appealing. So I’m worried that trying to participate in themed TBRs will just be a complete failure.

    I think my approach is to let themes loosely influence my TBR, e.g. more LGBTQ works during pride, more works by black authors in Black History Month. Then I get the opportunity to broaden my reading scope without feeling like I’m stuck for whatever reason. Still not sure if this is adversely affecting my blog though!!


  4. I don’t mind themed TBR’s, but.. I never stick to them?
    I like switching between genres, for starters, so there’s that. Apart from that, there are – as you said – the ARC’s we have to try and stay on top of. That causes themed TBR’s to immediately be.. well.. not themed anymore.

    My way to go is simply picking some books that fit my own monthly challenges, mentioning all the ARC’s I have yet to read and sometimes adding some other books I simply feel like reading at that exact moment.

    I remember when I did a themed month once [I think it was Diverse December], and I simply mentioned all the diverse books I owned with the message that I was simply going to see what I was in the mood for from those books whenever I needed to pick up a new one. I think that’s my favorite way to go about it, to be honest.
    I’m planning on doing the same next month, when I’m going to try and read some more science fiction. Simply putting all the scifi I own in a post and then see throughout the month which ones I feel like picking up. 🙂

    Awesome post, Avery! And definitely relateable, haha.


  5. I haven’t really done many themed tbr’s unless they are for a specific type of readathon or halloween. But I always find it so hard to stick to those as well. I do need a structured tbr. I need to write down what I want to read and see it. So it hangs on the wall here, lol. And when I finish a book I can cross it off. I think trying to only limit yourself to 3 a month (depending on how much you read a month) is good to do if you want to be on top your review copies as well.


  6. I don’t really do tbrs, but I used to so I do understand where you’re coming from. Maybe try doing arc themed tbrs where you try to read a bunch of arcs in a month?


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