World Oceans Day | Review – OCEANS: The Anthology

TITLE: Oceans: The Anthology
AUTHOR: edited by Jessica West
SERIES: Frontiers of Speculative Fiction
RELEASED: September 2017; Holt Smith Ltd
GENRE: Speculative Fiction

KEY INFO: Anthology, short stories, water-themed, environmental themes
female MC’s

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I have been so excited to read this anthology ever since I stumbled across it on Amazon a few months ago and it did not disappoint!

Featuring 12 fantastic short stories of varying lengths, OCEANS is an enjoyable read from start to finish. All stories are obviously ocean themed but I loved how each author approached the theme in such unique ways from a Sweeper who is charged with protecting the last pocket of ocean from being devoured by sands, a community of genetically altered humans who dwell in the seas and build pipelines to power the cities for land humans, and a sister who can’t stop hearing the siren call of the sea, to stories which tackle environmental issues head-on in true speculative fiction fashion!

My favourites of the anthology include:

  • Tide Sweeping by P.K Tyler: Dust and sand have taken over the Earth, leaving only one remaining small ocean left to be protected by a ‘Sweeper’ whose life is devoted to sweeping away the sand from the tiny ocean pool and welcome pilgrims to the site of the last ocean.
  • Dancing in the Midnight Ocean by Caroline M. Yoachim: Far below the midnight life lives in a community of genetically modified humans who live in the ocean and build pipelines to provide power for the land humans who live in great bubble cities. The lure of the city may be too much for some though and threatens to tear an f/f couple apart.
  • New Year’s Eve by Joshua Ingle: A collection of memories by a famous oceanographer as she reflects upon her life, devoted to saving the ocean, battling human apathy, and discovering that Western conservation is not always the ‘right’ way.
  • Girt by Sea by S. Elliot Brandis: Set in the Outback, this is a tale of the last humans on earth as they attempt to resettle Australia after living for generations at sea. But the Outback is not forgiving to strangers, will the ‘last’ humans on earth be able to survive?

Another thing I really appreciated was that at the end of each story there is a neat little authors note about their contribution as well as more info about them and their work. I’ll definitely be adding some of their books to my TBR!

OCEANS is the second anthology in the Frontiers of Speculative Fiction series which you can get on Amazon for only £3.50, and the first collection CLONES (which also looks amazing) is only £4. Well worth the money!

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3 thoughts on “World Oceans Day | Review – OCEANS: The Anthology

  1. I love this post! I am trying to get more into fiction reading and I think anthologies may be the way to go, it’s like a sample platter which I think might be a good way to explore new genres. Love your blog ❤

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    1. Thank youuuu ❤ Anthologies are definitely a lot of fun, it can keep your attention rather than reading through a whole long book and you can skip the ones you don't like 😉


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