The Sunday Post| NEW HOUSE NEWS

Hey everyone!

Sooo… I know it’s not Monday but we moved into our new house on Monday and we just got our internet set up today! I haven’t been around much over the past week or so as everything was complete chaos with trying to get all of the new house paperwork done on time, finish all the packing, working at the weekend, moving out, moving in, unpacking everything… It’s been exhausting!

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Thankfully, everything has finally settled down and we only have about 10 boxes left to unpack so we’re almost finished moving in. Most of my books are back on their shelves and the computer is all set up which are all the most important things anyway lol. I wanted to just drop by to let you all know where I went. I know it hasn’t even been that long but I have honestly missed blogging. I will be returning next week though with some new reviews and posts, but for now, thought I’d share with you all some pictures of our new house and my first ever haircut in 4 years!

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New House

New house before furniture!


Image may contain: kitchen and indoor


I haven’t taken any more pictures yet because when I’m not unpacking I’m either reading in our new garden or sleeping! I have never lived in a house with a garden before so being able to read in the garden has been amazing, I am basically like a little flower who needs the sun, and it’s been fantastic to finally have a garden for Achilles to run around in ❤

Screenshot (98)

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New Hair

This week is full of new beginnings. After 4 years of being too afraid to go to the hairdressers, I finally got my hair cut at a queer barber’s thanks to my partner. I have been wanting to get my haircut for the past year, but get so anxious about people touching my hair and the difference a haircut can make to your entire image that I have just avoided it all this time. I have never been so happy with a haircut though and it’s really helped with my anxiety around haircuts.

books x 2

The before picture is from this morning when my hair went down to my hips, the after is from this afternoon where my hair has been cut up to my upper chest and I have a faded undercut on the right side – much easier to cope with and so much breezier ❤

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That’s all for now – hope you’re all doing well and can’t wait to get back to blogging next week

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25 thoughts on “The Sunday Post| NEW HOUSE NEWS

  1. Love the new house and the new hair! I can understand where you’re coming from on struggling with getting your hair cut. I had too many terrible haircuts as a teen that genuinely destroyed my self-confidence, so I spent almost a decade not letting anyone touch my hair but myself, with the only exception being my old stylist back home. She’s 2 hours away but for 2 years after moving away, I still made a day trip down once every other month to see her and get my hair cut. I’ve finally let my mom talk me into seeing her stylist here now, and I trust her thankfully, but it’s still so anxiety-inducing that I only go once every 6-ish months at best.

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    1. It’s so difficult to trust people with your hair! Everytime I went to get my hair cut when I had short hair, the hairdressers would completely ruin it and sometimes it would be so bad I refused to leave the house. Thankfully this hairdresser was great and is part of a queer barber shop where they are really good with different disabilities, etc. The person who cut my hair is the one who cuts childrens hair and people with really bad anxiety, she had a sign up that was decorated in kittens and had things on it like “it’s ok not to face the mirror!” “not talking to me is OKAY” which helped immensely!

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  2. Love your new house it seems so cozy! Oh and LOVE your new haircut too! I didn’t know you name your dog Achilles!! Haha cute name 💕

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  3. I grew up with a big garden! But we don’t have that where I live now, so it feels like I’m missing out on all the sunshine sadly. Also, that room with the skylight, (loft or bedroom?) looks wonderful! I would love something like that!

    I love the new hair! Flaunt it, flaunt it! Hehehe greetings from my dogs and cats to Achilles ❤

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    1. Thank you! The house is a bit of a kooky layout so the bedroom is actually on a little mezanine (the bit with the balcony) and the skylight is on the slanty bit of the roof so you can see if from the frontroom as well (which is directly below the mezanine)


  4. I will be moving to a new place soon, so I will completely understand what it’s going to be like packing, moving, and unpacking. Not really sure I am looking forward to that, haha! Happy to see you back though! 🙂 Your new house looks great and so does your haircut. 😀

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  5. Love the haircut! I’m with ya tho, i don’t like people messing around with my hair. About two years ago i finally found a dude who know what he’s doing and been going to him since then. This January he left, and i had to find someone else. Tried two hairdressers and they just sucked. Like one of them made my hair look like a wig. Thankfully my original dude came back, so happy times 🙂 No more wig-hair.

    Your new house is so cute! That kitchen is super funky and i’d sit in that garden all time as well.


  6. I saw tons of pictures pass by on FB already regarding your move, but congratz again on the move! And I love your hair, Avery! Truly! I had undercuts myself for a while and.. well.. should I not know how my boyfriend absolutely loathes them, I’d probably go back to them, hah. 🙂


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