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It’s that time of year again when I head off to Nine Worlds and we only have 3 more days to go, so in true Avery fashion, I am doing all of my very last minute organizing and posting.

On Wednesday/Thursday, I will do a post about what sessions I am doing this year, where you can find me and what other sessions I am going to! Annoyingly, it didn’t occur to me do a book blogging session (which I’m kicking myself for but there’s always next year), so to bring some bookish love to Nine Worlds I wanted to share some my 9W reading list (let’s not talk about the fact that I don’t have much time left).

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Nine Worlds Books

9w books

Nine Worlds always has the best goodie bags and obviously one of the best things about said goodie bags is the free books you get! I can’t remember the exact year I got my massive Confluence Trilogy tome (it was either 2015/2016) but I have been a terrible trashbag and haven’t yet read it. If I had been more organized this year (*snorts*) I would love to have read it beforehand, but I will hopefully read it at some point this year!

I have, however, read my free copy of Starborn by Lucy Hounsom and absolutely loved it. I never used to be a very big fan of fantasy as a young adult but decided to give Lucy’s book a shot and I am super glad I did. Not only did I discover a fantastic fantasy series to fall into but it prompted me to actually start reading more fantasy, and it has now become one of my fave genres. So… thanks Lucy and 9W’s!

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Authors at Nine Worlds

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There are always fantastic authors in attendance at Nine Worlds! One of the things I love the most is that there is no hierarchical barrier between you and authors, authors are not regarded as “guests” and you as an “attendee” and many authors end up speaking on panels at 9W next to average Joe’s like me. (Or even on panels run by average Joe’s, as is the case for me!)

This year 3 authors that I’m really looking forward to seeing are Aliette de Bodard, Jeannette Ng, and Adrian Tchaikovsky. Both Jeannette and Adrian were in attendance last year but I still a bookish noob and completely missed the memo as to who they were but I know better!

The Tea Master and the Detective had been on my TBR for a good while before I knew Aliette would be attending 9W this year, as I had added it after seeing some outstanding reviews of it. As it was a novella I decided to start with it before and adored it! The Tea Master and the Detective is a very interesting and unique science fiction novella that I would encourage you all to read (and which I will be reviewing soon).

Under the Pendulum Sun was added to my TBR shortly after 9W 2017 after I started following Jeanette on Twitter (bc of her outstanding cosplay outfits!) and realized she had written a pretty cool book. I am about 20% of the way through and am loving it so far. I’ve been describing it on twitter as a beautiful mix of ACOTAR, Jane Eyre, and The Miniaturist so if you love any (or all) of those books then you will love Under the Pendulum Sun.

Last but not least is Children of Time. Adrian Tchaikovsky is actually something of a Big Deal but prior to 2018 I had been living under a rock and missed out. I added Children of Time to my TBR after one of my best friends wrote a great review of it with this beautiful illustration and thought it sounded amazing! From what I saw at 9W and on Twitter, Adrian also seems like a really chill guy who writes bloody good books so I am very excited to read Children of Time (after 9W if not before!)

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If you’re going to 9W’s are there any attending authors books that you love, or if you’re not a 9W attendee have you read any of these? What did you think?

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