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Hey everyone, welcome to The Sunday Post – a weekly meme hosted by Caffeinated Book Reviewer to share all the weekly news and feels!

As I was on hiatus for almost a month, I wanted to dedicate this week’s Sunday Post to catching up with you all, sharing what’s happened this week and exciting news of upcoming things.

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Big News Announcements

Earlier today, I did my soft relaunch of this blog which you can check out here. Not only am I excited because I love the new look but it also means I can return to blogging. I never would have expected blogging to become such a big part of my life but honestly, I missed blogging and interacting with you all so much!

Back to Education – Another thing I did not expect to be happening is that I’m going back to uni in just over a week’s time. I will be going back to Goldsmiths to do an MRes in Anthropology! I knew I wanted to return to do a masters but had been procrastinating so hard over it because I wasn’t certain of what I wanted to do. Attending Nine Worlds this year was surprisingly the key to unlocking the decision though after going to some interesting panels and having Important Convos with new friends. I applied literally a few weeks ago but managed to complete the application, find a supervisor, and write a research proposal in just under 2 weeks so was surprised that I was offered a place at all.  This marks a massively new beginning for me in so many ways. I’m really, really excited to go back but I know it’s going to be a pretty hardcore year! My partner will also be attending the same uni to start his first year as an undergraduate so we’ll be able to go to uni together.

Pitch, glorious pitch – One of my post-Nine Worlds aims was to submit more writing pitches to online websites and journals. I recently had a pitch accepted by Sidequest where I will be writing a queer reading of the Indie game Emily is Away. I’ve wanted to submit something to Sidequest for ages as I love their site and am super excited to write for them. I’ve also submitted an abstract to Press Start‘s special issue on Walking Simulators. I’m not sure if my pitch will be accepted, but fingers crossed that it does because it’s on a topic I really want to write about!

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Books, Books, Books

A book read, a book being read, and a book skilfully won

This has been a pretty good week for me. I finally got round to reading my beautiful copy of The Djinn Falls in Love & Other Stories which was sent to me by my faves over at Rebellion Publishing. The anthology was a solid 5 star read from start to finish and I loved it immensely. Defy the Worlds is my current read which I’m 28% of the way through. I was surprised by how much I loved Defy the Stars and have been eagerly anticipating moving onto my ARC of the sequel. Lastly, my copy of Hard in Hightown that I won from the Dragon Age Fans Twitter account arrived which has made me SO HAPPY. The competition consisted of being given only two clues and having to figure out who the character was. I managed to guess it (with the help of my clever partner) so won the book!

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This week has been the week of Mass Effect Andromeda. I know lots of fans were hugely disappointed by Andromeda but I’m actually really enjoying it so far which is making me nervous! I really love my science engineer Eiko Ryder, who is the complete opposite to my Mass Effect Shepard character. My Ravenclaw to my Gryffindor. I’ve just completed the mission where I returned the Moshae to Aya and am currently trekking through Havarl trying not to die.

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That’s all for this week. It’s so nice to be back to blogging and I can’t wait to catch up with you all. As I’ve been gone for a whole month, let me know what your favourite posts have been, any cool books that you’ve read, or any exciting news you also have!

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5 thoughts on “The Sunday Post | Big Announcements

  1. Woooo!! Congrats on doing your Masters!! I just started mine three weeks ago and it’s so much work.

    Hard in Hightown ❤ I didn't see the competition but now I'm really curious if I could have figured it out.

    I loved Andromeda, and Havarl is beautiful.


  2. I am so in love with your blog’s new look, Avery, it looks fantastic! ❤
    Congratulations on getting back to your Masters', I hope you'll have a lot of fun and really will enjoy the classes and everything, that's what matters ❤ ❤


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