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Hey friends, welcome to The Sunday Post – a weekly meme hosted by Caffeinated Book Reviewer to share all the weekly news and feels!

I hope you’ve all had a great week and, if not, then it’s okay because the week is almost over and a new one is about to begin!

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1st week of university + big changes

This week has been absolutely slammed for me. You may have noticed that I didn’t end up posting much content here, that’s because it was my first week of my MRes at uni. It’s been really fun so far and I was really proud of myself for managing to do 3 x full days (10am-6pm) plus lots of other things on top of that. One of these things was a meeting with my employers on Tuesday afternoon where I let them know that I will be resigning from my job. Unfortunately, something pretty big happened last month and in the end, I decided that it was best if I stepped away.

That means that from now on I will actually have my weekends back which I’m really excited about! It does put a bit of financial pressure on us as I will no longer be receiving my income but I will be receiving (more *sobs*) student loan which will tide me over for a little bit and I can start looking for something more suitable in a few months time once I’ve had a break.

As I’ve been so busy and been struggling to coordinate all my social/academic/blog activities, I’m going to sit down later today and actually make myself a proper plan to organize my time more effectively. Although it’s been a whirlwind of a week, it’s been fun to go back to education and I’m happier now than I’ve been for the entire year!

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Books, Books, Books

Usually, I don’t read more than one book at a time but this week I’ve had to mix it up a little bit as I’m still stuck on Defy the Worlds. Rather than keep slogging through it and falling into a reading slump, I’ve started two of my Black History Month (UK) reads, both of which I’m really enjoying.

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Other News

  • I’m in the process of editing my article for SideQuest which I spoke about last week – hopefully it’ll be up on the website soon!
  • This week has been COLD. It has been a week filled with snuggly jumpers, many blankets, and hot drinks. How is the weather where you are?
  • I posted up two posts this week. One was my October TBR (yes, I’ve had to bring the TBR back!) and the other was finally doing a new State of the ARC where I talk about all of the ARCs I’ve managed to accumulate and how I’m drowning a bit in them.

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Hope you’ve enjoyed this weeks edition of The Sunday Post.
Please drop me a comment and let me know what you’ve been up to this week so we can catch up ❤

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4 thoughts on “The Sunday Post | Getting Organized

  1. Oh yay for weekends 🙂
    No so good on the money side, but having some time to yourself and recover is important as well!
    At work we have the option to work on the weekend, for extra money + extra days off. I haven’t actually done it in like 2 years, because i just can’t give up weekends :/ Even tho the money would be good.

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