Mini Reviews: The Tensorate Series | One word: Incredible

Let me start my review off by saying that this series by J.Y Yang is legitimately incredible and deserves all of the stars ever. It’s a beautifully written novella series which contains a breathtaking world, intriguing characters, human/animal relations, and fascinating stories which expertly combine into an overarching plot. Each novella contributes something new, offering different perspectives which keeps the story fresh as well as a rich depth and breadth to the world, which by the way, is AMAZING. I tore through all 3 books in just a few days and cemented J.Y Yang as an auto-buy author for me!

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The Black Tides of Heaven – TOR – 2017

5 pandas

  • Twin novella with the Red Threads of Fortune which focuses one of the twins, Akeha
  • This was my favourite book of the series
  • Set over the longest time period spanning from pre-birth to adulthood giving us a great introduction to the world and the existence of Slackcraft
  • Loved seeing the development of the twins, how gender identity was explored, and the development of different slackcraft powers
  • Lots of political intrigue and political divisions, and a SUPER ADORABLE QUEER ROMANCE
  • Honestly, this book!!!!!!! When I finished it I sat in silence, speechless, and held the book to my chest

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The Red Threads of Fortune – TOR – 2017

4 pandas

  • Other part of the twin novella, which focuses on Akeha’s twin Mokoya
  • Least favourite of the three books but still very, very enjoyable!
  • Didn’t gel as well with Mokoya’s character, found the novella much slower paced even though there was lots of action and interesting things going on
  • Really enjoyed getting a different perspective on the world, and getting to spend time with the side characters, whilst continuing to build upon Black Tides of Heaven
  • Also has a touching and sensitive representation of grief, the loss of a child, learning to trust again and breaking down walls


The Descent of Monsters – TOR – 2018

5 pandas

  • Would easily have been my fave if not for my Akeha love in Black Tides of Heaven
  • Significantly shortly than the twin novellas, only 160 pages
  • Introduced a great new character, Investigator Chuwan, trying to uncover the tragedy that occurred at the Rewar Teng Institute of Experimental Methods
  • Loved how it was told through letters, reports, diary entries and transcripts which immerses you in the story, making you feel as though you are unraveling the mystery with Chuwan and trying to work out WTF is happening?!
  • So many amazing fantasy creatures and horror

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