Book Tag |Sci-Fi Month Part 1

So, I know it’s now Friday and not Thursday but I am honestly so behind on everything this week, so play along with me and pretend it’s still Thursday? As its Sci-Fi Month, I wanted to do a Sci-Fi inspired book tag but couldn’t find one that I liked. As Sci-Fi Month has a great photo prompt challenge going on for this month, I thought I would adapt it into a book tag so that a) I could do a book tag and b) because I keep forgetting to do a photo for each daily prompt!

The prompts are by the wonderful imyril and deargeekplace

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1. Sci-Fi Month TBR

This is the only prompt I’ve managed to do so far and even then it was 4 days late ;D As Sci-Fi Month wasn’t on my radar I hadn’t planned any titles but luckily already had lots of sci-fi titles on my #mythothon TBR so have been able to combine the two! So far I’ve read Frankenstein and am now reading Red Rising.


2. First SF Read
What got you into SF?

lost tribe of the sith

In my How I Met the Genre: Science Fiction post, I spoke about how although I really loved sci-fi movies as a child/teenager, it took me a long time to start reading sci-fi books. If I remember correctly I think the first sci-fi books I properly read was the Lost Tribe of the Sith collection!


3. Man’s Best Friend (in Space)
Anniversary of first dog in space

books x 2

This prompt combines two of my favourite things – science fiction & animals. What could be better than reading a book with both of these things?! I’ve had my eye on An Oath of Dogs and Children of Time for a long time, and love how they both incorporate animals into sci-fi in really interesting ways.


4. Fave SF Series

books x 3.png

Trying to pin down one series for this is super hard because there are so many SF series that I adore. If I was forced to choose only one though it would definitely be Becky Chambers Wayfarers series (no surprises there) because the entire series is just a complete gift to this earth. Other fave SF series though include The Illuminae Files, Xandri Corelel (Failure to Communicate, etc), and Planetfall.


5. Gunpowder, Treason, and Plot
Bonfire Night

red rising

I’m currently reading Red Rising and it is so perfect for this prompt. I’m not sure what I was expecting from this book but it definitely wasn’t something as interesting and explosive as its plot! If you like series like The Hunger Games and Divergent but wanted something more well-written, original and complicated then this is the book for you!


6. Race You There
The Melbourne Cup – racing/vehicles/sports


loved how Marie Lu brought competitive e-sportsesque gaming to the world of science fiction and couldn’t think of another book more perfect for this prompt! I haven’t read Wildcard yet, but really enjoyed all of the gaming aspects of Warcross.


7. Dream a Little Bigger Darling


Although there were a few plot holes that bothered by about the first installation of the Binti series, overall I loved this book. Nnedi Okorafor is such a brilliant writer and I loved this little tale Binti, a young woman who is the first of the Himba people to leave her home and go to university. In just 96 pages, Nnedi manages to pack in so much complexity and I definitely can’t wait to read the next book.


8. Can’t Wait to Read


I am absolutely dying to read The Murderbot Diaries and am kicking myself over the fact that I didn’t catch these when they were first released. The entire thing sounds so up my street and I’ve heard amazing things about the entire series.


9. Unity & Freedom
Anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall

books x 3 (4)

Corruption, resistance, killer AI, and kick-ass teens who expose said corruption in the Illuminae Files to achieve unity, justice, and freedom. This series is honestly so perfect and I love it.


10. #StackSaturday


I’m going to the SFX Book Con 2 this Saturday (tomorrow) so I will retroactively insert whatever little book stack I may/may not end up with 😉


11. Lest We Forget: Fallen Heroes

Speaking of the Illuminae Files, let us never forget that our own wonderful Destiny of HowlingLibraries (among many other book bloggers) were casualties of Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff’s intergalactic violence!


12. Best Ship in the Galaxy, Kid


At first, I answered this prompt with the Wayfarers series because I love the actual science involved in those books. But as this prompt is about celebrating the anniversary of the Rosetta’s modular landing on a comet I thought a much better option would be Neuromancer as Gibson’s work had such a profound influence not just on science fiction but on real-world scientific and technological developments!


13. Alien Antagonists 

Image result for battlestar galactica

A bit of a cheeky answer because it’s not a book, but there’s no way I couldn’t say Battlestar Galactica for this one! I’m still on Season 2 though so no spoilers!


14. Explore New Worlds


There’s no better way to explore new worlds than with an amazing SFF anthology! 2018 has truly been the year of the anthology for me and I’ve loved being able to explore so many different places within one book.


15. Book Rainbow


I’m not sure if this was what was meant by the prompt but I take any opportunity to make a good rainbow book spread!

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That’s it for the first part! As there are 30 prompts for 30 days I’ve split it into two parts to spread the sci-fi love throughout the month ❤

Please tag me if you want to come up with your answers and, of course, the wonderful Sci-Fi Month hosts who came up with these prompts.

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18 thoughts on “Book Tag |Sci-Fi Month Part 1

  1. Sci-fi month is a thing?! I wasn’t aware, but I’m glad to see the Murderbot Diaries here 😀 you really should read them! … and I should read the long way to a small angry planet, yes. I have actually started the first book but then got hijacked by other books and now I haven’t had time to read all week. Maybe this weekend?


  2. I love what you have to say about Red Rising. I’ve been wanting to read it for so long and I actually really love The Hunger Games and Divergent. They got me into reading fiction books and YA. I never really used to read much before and if I did I always stuck to non-fiction, but after reading those series, it made me love reading YA and fiction stuff. So glad about that, haha. I’ve had Warcross on my TBR for awhile now, maybe I’ll finally get around to reading it before the year ends.


  3. I love love love this as a tag – what a great idea. I adore the Wayfarer series (such a gift, as you say) – but I’ll be honest, it was 6 and the crew of Battlestar Galactica that made me squeal. We’re rewatching it at the moment – it was such a well-made show. Sure the CGI is pretty ropey, but it really doesn’t matter – the characters are so compelling (and so very, very flawed). No show is perfect – it’s particularly easy to poke holes in some of its rep (…even if it was streets ahead of many shows at the time) and some of the narrative choices still rankle – but… it stands up damn well to a rewatch. Big, bold, unexpectedly funny, painfully cynical, and occasionally utterly surreal. I hope you enjoy it 🙂


  4. I love that you made this a tag – and I absolutely love your choice for Fave SF. YES to the Wayfarer books, they are so very dear to me! 😀

    Also I have Illuminae on my shelf and have not yet read it, but this may have to change in a hurry (and before some of my friends start actually shouting at me, heh)!


  5. I love this as a tag, and HELL YES to the Battlestar love! I won’t spoil anything but that’s my fave series ever besides Buffy, and I wrote my honors thesis using the show. If you ever wanna chat about it, my DMs are open on Twitter.

    I am planning on reading Illuminae this month, pretty excited about it!


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