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Hey friends, welcome to The Sunday Post – a weekly meme hosted by Caffeinated Book Reviewer to share all the weekly news and feels!

Last week I talked about how excited I was for reading week this week and how much stuff I was going to get done. *Insert canned audience laughter* Of course, that didn’t happen. I didn’t get any work done for my uni course or any life stuff sorted. So, what did I actually do?

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Extracurricular Activities

Although I haven’t gotten any work work done I did get some other stuff done this week! I’ve been getting involved in a society at uni so spent some of last week in committee organising things. Whilst it meant I got a little bit distracted from my uni work, one of my main goals for returning to education was to get more involved in student life, so I’m not going to be too hard on myself for actually joining in when I know I can get my work done in time as well!

On Wednesday I also had SO MUCH FUN playing D&D with my best friends again. We started part 2 of our “one-shot” and we’re going to need another session to wrap up the last bit. I’ve wanted to play D&D for ages but felt too anxious about playing with people I don’t know so getting to play an awesome story with the best people is bringing me a lot of joy.

Yesterday I went to the SFX Book Con 2! I’m going to be doing a proper run down of the event because boy did a lot happen. Overall it was a really fun event though. It was the perfect thing to go to during Sci-Fi Month, I got to meet lots of great people (both authors and book bloggers!), and, of course, ended up with even more books. This coming week I’ll share my SFX Book Con 2 event review so keep an eye out for that.

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Books, Books, Books

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This week also turned out to be a pretty good reading week as well! I finally finished Frankenstein, which I’ve been reading since the end of October, and also read The Princess Diaries 2 this weekend. Earlier in the week I also picked up Red Rising which is a book that is on both my #mythothon and Sci-Fi Month TBR. My friend bought it for me almost exactly a year ago and WHY DID I LEAVE IT FOR SO LONG?! So far it’s mind-blowingly good and I can’t wait to see how the story continues to develop. Also, Matteo is A*.

I’ve also managed to acquire quite a lot of books since my last post. I got the best book post from Angry Robot Books who I give all of my thanks to, as well as 5 books from SFX Book Con 2! Here’s a quick rundown of what I got this week:

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NGL, I’ve also been getting sucked into a very deep Sims 4 hole after finally getting over my tantrum about the price & how different it is to my beloved Sims 3. After unsuccessfully finding anyone suitably awesome for our Sim, me and my partner designed her someone instead – Charni Ahmed, a talented non-binary tech guru in search of ‘The One’. After a very successful date at the park, we got Charni to move in with Genesis and redecorated their house ❤

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Other News

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It’s been really nice catching up with all the posts from this week but I’d love to hear what you’re reading/playing/watching/doing at the moment or anything you’re excited about in the coming week!

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7 thoughts on “The Sunday Post | Book Cons & Hauls

  1. Sounds like a good week regardless of not getting your work done. I’m curious what you will think of Space Unicorn Blues. I had an e arc of it but after 30 pages put it down and dnf-ed it. Which had a lot more to do with me than the book so I can’t wait to hear your opinion.


  2. Gaaah, Sims 4! I honestly.. never got over the differences with Sims 3? I’ve tried playing it multiple times but I get way too frustrated after a while and end up going back to Sims 3 once more.. I don’t know. Maybe I should give it another shot? :/
    I’m really hoping Sims 5 will be more in the lines of 3 but.. we’ll see..

    [I totally meant to say something else as well but Sims distracted me, HAH. Life..]


  3. Sims 4. ♥ I haven’t played in a little while but it’s so much fun! I love how much more inclusive the game is becoming with each update to the character designs and all. Your little pink-mohawk-haired person kills me 😍😍😍 and thank you for the shout-out, love!


  4. I really need to get around to buying Sims 4 and live my best (sim) life. I have been dragging my feet for the longest time, and it is stupid as hell.

    Thanks so much for the shout-out, and sorry for taking so long to hop over… I got 9 days behind on blog hopping (thanks mental health) and am trying to catch up. Oof!


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