Fairyloot Unboxing | November

As of November, I hadn’t purchased another Fairyloot book box since my Whimsical Journeys one for my birthday in April, but when I saw that they were releasing a special science fiction themed one for sci-fi month I knew I needed to grab a box as sci-fi is my favourite genre! The theme for November was ‘Battles and Galaxies’, promising a box of 7 sci-fi goodies inspired by Illuminae, Red Rising and the Lunar Chronicles alongside a fantastic new YA sci-fi book. Let me tell you – it definitely did not disappoint!

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Receiving my Fairyloot box was a bit of a stressful affair this time as the delivery driver thought it would be acceptable to throw the box over my back garden wall, leaving the box out in the cold, damp garden until I returned home later that evening to find it. Luckily, although the box had some minor damage, everything inside was fine and it made me even happier to open up my box and find so many wonderful things. I always get a little bit nervous about book boxes in case it has lots of items in it that I don’t like but I love pretty much everything in this!


Let’s start with this beautiful Illuminae tote bag! The Illuminae Files is one of my favourite series so I was sold when I saw there would be something Illuminae inspired in the box. The design is really pretty and I love the quote on the bag.

There was also an incredible galaxy bath bomb included which not only made the entire box (and all of the products) smell amazing but also looked great. In fact, I loved the look of it so much that I used it on the day that my box arrived because I couldn’t wait. The bath bomb was really well made and I had a lot of fun reading my copy of The Boneless Mercies in the inky, swirling waters once the bath bomb had dissolved. I’m a huge fan of baths so any bath related products are always a good shout for me!

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There were also some really neat items included which I hadn’t been expecting and got really excited over. There were ‘Stars and Space’ coasters with quotes on from the Lunar Chronicles, a passport cover, a wooden tree ornament with a Shakespeare quote on it, a cool a.f Red Rising patch (which I am ecstatic about because I read the book last month), a pair of beautiful reusable metal straws complete with a galaxy themed quote and a little cleaning brush, and a small illustration with a free ebook of Atlas Fallen by Jessica Pierce on the back.

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When I ordered this box I really hadn’t given a thought as to what the book might have been. Part of the reason why I ordered the April box was because I had (wrongly) guessed what the book was, got really excited and then very disappointed when I opened the little book sleeve (although now I have gotten over it and am happy with the book!) This time I went in with a completely open mind and very pleasantly surprised when I pulled out a beautiful hardback edition of Skyward by Brandon Sanderson. I’ve never read any of Sanderson’s work but I’ve heard great things about his fantasy books and for Skyward. Ngl, I’ve been eyeing it up every so often but was never quite sure so getting it as a surprise book was perfect. I won’t be able to read it before the end of the year but I’m looking forward to reading it in 2019!


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Final Thoughts

I love the Battles & Galaxies box so much! Even though I received an item for a series I haven’t yet read (the Lunar Chronicles) and something not useful to me (the passport cover), I still really appreciated every single item in this box. They are all well-made, aesthetically pleasing and original! My favourite items in this box are definitely the metal straws, the galaxy bath bomb, and the incredible Red Rising patch.

I was also really pleased to see that none of the actual items themselves were paper-based items and the straws are reusable. It’s nice to see that Fairyloot are clearly thinking about their environmental impact although it would be nice if they could extend that to their other products – for example, not wrapping smaller items in plastic! 

Overall, I am over the moon (ha) with this sci-fi themed box and would love, love, love if they did another one again soon! Thank you so much to the Fairyloot team for putting this box together and to all of the contributors for their lovely products ❤

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6 thoughts on “Fairyloot Unboxing | November

  1. I absolutely looooved the items in this one, haha. The bath bomb is pretty much waiting to be used since.. well.. no bath yet and I feel a bit weird going to our house to simply take a bath while there’s not even furniture in there yet. [I don’t think I’d be quite comfortable and relaxed either.. :P]

    Loved the straws, to be honest! at first I was like “What.. is.. this?” and then.. I fell in love. :’) Especially since I hate plastic straws. Such a waste.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha I know, when I heard the jingling in the box I thought something had been broken thanks to the delivery driver, so I was doubly excited when I realized a) not broken and b) pretty straws!

      Oh noooo. That’s always the worst. BUT its going to feel even more amazing when you finally move and can have your galaxy bath!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh yikes – I probably would’ve freaked if something had been broken because of the way it was delivered! I really don’t get how they can handle packages like that anyway.. It’s not like they’d like it if we’d start throwing their stuff around.. :/

        Ha, that’s true! I can already see it. Room fiiilled with candles and all my lovely soaps and.. *dreams on* xD


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