Cover Reveal | Tangle’s Game by Stewart Hotston

“Nowhere to Run. Nowhere to Hide.”


Tangle’s Game by Stewart Hotston
Genre: Tech Thriller
Length: 350 pages
Published: 7th May 2019 by Abaddon
Purchase: Amazon | Abaddon
Author: Website | Twitter | Goodreads

Yesterday, Amanda Back’s life was flawless: the perfect social credit score, the perfect job, the perfect home.

Today, Amanda is a target, an enemy of the system holding information dangerous enough to disrupt the world’s all-consuming tech – a fugitive on the run.

But in a world where an un-hackable blockchain links everyone and everything, there is nowhere to run…


About the Author

Stewart Hotston lives in Reading, UK. He loves pretty much all fiction. Stewart spends his days working in high finance and, in a completely unrelated subject, he read for a PhD in Theoretical Physics, taking great interest in philosophy, theology and economics (some of those even involving additional academic qualifications). He has previously been published across more than a dozen different publishers of short stories and his first two novels were published by Alternative Realities. When Stewart is not writing or working he’s also a world ranked swordsman in both Rapier and Sidesword – for his troubles, he’s a senior instructor at The School of the Sword.

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Tangle’s Game looks to be an exciting new novel from author Stewart Hotston. I’ve never read anything by Hotston before but I couldn’t resist taking part in this cover reveal with Abaddon as I love the sound of this tech thriller and how this is incorporated into the cover. Tangle’s Game will be out on the 7th May 2019 so not long to wait!

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