March TBR | The Month of the ARCs (again)

Hey panda pops!

February turned out to be an absolutely terrible reading month for me with only 2 books read and I have a lot of new release ARCs that I need to read for this month so I am praying that March turns out to be a much better reading month for me. I’ve already managed to finish one ARC – You Asked for Perfect by Laura Silverman – which I absolutely adored and I’m onto my second ARC so fingers crossed the rest of the month goes as smoothly.

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books x 5

The Outcast Hours: due 7th March (Blog Tour)
New Suns: due 12th March
The Luminous Dead: due 21st March
Wicked Saints: due 29th March (Blog Tour)
The Migration: due 31st March 

Once again, I am incredibly fortunate to have so many amazing ARCs to look forward to this month, most of which came directly from the publishers themselves. I continue to be so thankful for every ARC I receive and can’t wait to get stuck into these fantastic March ARCs!

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Backlist Books


Having so many ARCs means that things aren’t looking great for my Down the TBR Hole books though as many of them were given a deadline for March (#1#2, #3). It’s so tempting to push the deadline back to give myself longer to read them but that would defeat the point of having the deadline in the first place. If any of these books don’t get read by the end of the month then I will be removing them from my TBR shelf ⌛️

Obviously this doesn’t stop me from picking them up in the future but I definitely want to clear out books that I’m just not motivated to read right now so I can focus on the ones I do really want to read.

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9 thoughts on “March TBR | The Month of the ARCs (again)

  1. I hope you love Station Eleven! I left it halfway through because I went on vacation and then just forgot to pick it back up. But what I did read, I loved! I really hope you get to it and then write your thoughts on it. I’ll probably pick it up in the near future, as well 😌


  2. I hope March is a better reading month for you! It’ll be an ARC filled month for me as well. I have about Six ARCs that I hope to read this month. Good luck to the both of us! 😀 I really loved More Happy Than Not. I personally wasn’t a fan of The Night Circus. I got through half of the book, but then just couldn’t get into it so I stopped reading it.


  3. You’re very strong! I’d just give in to temptation and change the deadline 😀 Good luck with the books!! Wicked Saints was awesome and I’m excited about New Suns.


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