WWW Wednesday | 26th March 2019

WWW Wednesday is hosted by Sam @ Taking on a World of Words! All you have to do is answers the following three questions:

What are you currently reading/playing?
What did you recently finish reading/playing?
What do you think you’ll read/play next?

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Currently Reading/Playing

the poet X


I’m finally coming to the end of my ARC packed March which is great because I can finally start reading some of my owned books! Ever since a friend sent me a copy of The Poet X I have wanted nothing more than to pick it up and start reading it, and finally gave into the desire yesterday. So far, it’s been a beautiful and healing book.




Recently, myself and my partner have been talking a lot about replaying Assassins Creed as the last time we tried to finish the game (3-4 years ago) it glitched and I couldn’t finish the story line. Although the game mechanisms drive me up the wall sometimes, I still love the setting for the first game and we’re planning on playing through all the games.


Recently Finished

The Luminous Dead was an ARC that I was really looking forward to reading as it was a little outside of my usual reading comfort zone (being sci-fi/horror). Although I enjoyed it and was pleased to see some f/f rep, the book really started dragging for me after 40% and it felt like it went on forever which was interesting on the one hand (paralleling with the protags experience) but also slightly less enjoyable from my readers perspective. Full review to come soon though!


Next Read/Play

My next reads are the same as last week as The Luminous Dead took me so long to finish! I have to read and review Wicked Saints by Friday (eek!!) and I have my two library books to read and return next week!

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3 thoughts on “WWW Wednesday | 26th March 2019

  1. The original AC is one of the few games in my life I’ve played from start to finish at least twice (maybe three times now that I think about it). It was so new and different when it first came out that I have a sizable pair of rose-tinted glasses for that particular game.


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