WWW Wednesday | 24th April 2019

WWW Wednesday is hosted by Sam @ Taking on a World of Words! All you have to do is answers the following three questions:

What are you currently reading/playing?
What did you recently finish reading/playing?
What do you think you’ll read/play next?

This past week has been super hectic as I was attending Easter Con from Friday-Monday plus a day each side to prepare/wind down from the event so it has not been a heavy reading week. I have loads of fun though and bought some fantastic books at the con with my birthday money so at least it was ~book related~.

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Currently Reading/Playing

emily eternal


Although I technically haven’t started reading this yet at the time of writing this post I will be starting it later on so we can totally count it as a current read. I was lucky enough to receive an e-ARC of Emily Eternal which I’ve really been looking forward to reading, you all know I am here for anything to do with AI! Emily Eternal will also be my last read for the O.W.Ls Readathon and its for my Divination exam.


divinity original sin 2


I’m sure that no one is shocked right now that I’m still playing Divinity. Seriously though I have been playing it for like 6 hours almost everyday and still haven’t finished it haha. I am on the last Act of the game though so we should almost be near the end!



Recently Finished


I finished Tone of Voice last night and…. damn. This book. This whole series. It hits me right in the feels and is everything that my little anthropological heart could want. In the second installment of the Xandri Corelel series we head to a planet called Song where sentient species lives called the Hands and Voices live. As the Voices are like Ancient Earth whales, a large majority of the book is set in the ocean or near the ocean and makes me so happy (I love water-based books in case you hadn’t noticed). It was such a lovely read and I’m looking forward to reviewing it ❤


Next Read/Play


I had been planning on taking part in another readathon for next month but I am really in the mood for some mood reading, especially as I have hauled some brilliant books for my birthday and from the con, so I’ll be taking part in Moody May instead. There have been a lot of times over the past few months when I’ve really wanted to pick up a book not on my TBR and get frustrated by being confined so I’m going to give myself some freedom to read whatever the heck I want!

What have you been reading/playing this week? Like me, have you had a slow reading week or have you been steaming through your books?

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8 thoughts on “WWW Wednesday | 24th April 2019

      1. Haha yes. I wasn’t a fan of him at first but he’s really grown on me as the story has progressed. I thought part of his storyline would mean I couldn’t romance him but luckily it all worked out!


  1. I love the cover for Emily Eternal! I hope you enjoy it. I am so bad with sticking to a TBR, because I end up wanting to read everything except what I put on my list HAHA. I hope May is an amazing reading month for you since you’ll be able to read whatever you want!


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