May ‘TBR’ | Moody May!

By now I’m sure most of you are aware that I’m taking part in Moody May as my enthusiasm over mood reading has led me to mention it at almost every available moment in my recent blogs! I had initially planned to take part in another readathon but I really need a break from structured TBR as well as the pressure of keeping up with reviews. I’ve noticed that the combined constraints of my TBR and stress of ARC reviews were leading me to read much slower than I otherwise would, leading me into reading slumps and all around sadness. Plus, sometimes books that had been patiently waiting on my long-term TBR list would one day call out to me only for their pleas to be read to go ignored…

No longer! Moody May is here to save the day and help me take a much needed, more relaxed approach to reading. As part of Moody May is to be free from TBR’s this post isn’t so much of a TBR as a “Moody May sign-up and list of books I might like to read” post.

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New Release ARCs…

Copy of books x 3

Unfortunately, I’m not quite free from upcoming ARCs yet and I have 3 that are due for review this month, although they are all fun so it doesn’t seem so stressful! I’m already halfway through Aurora Rising and adoring it, and the Dream Daddy ARC is a graphic novel so it shouldn’t take long to read or be difficult to review. I was accepted for an ARC of This Place although it has disappeared from my Netgalley shelf (I think maybe it has been archived) and I’m not sure if I can still read it?

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Potential Reads

New Books

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Overdue ARCs

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Down the TBR Hole May Deadlines

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Backlist Physical Books 



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Those are some of my potential reads for this coming month although who knows what I will end up reading! I’m looking forward to seeing where the mood takes me and we’ll see at the end of the month what the results were.

What books are you planning on reading for May? Are you planning on taking part in Moody May, Wyrd and Wonder or something else?

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12 thoughts on “May ‘TBR’ | Moody May!

  1. Wait, you put a record of a spaceborn few on a deadline? I thought you loved that series so I’m surprised 😀

    For Moody May, I started re-reading the Bartimaeus trilogy, and it was a really good choice.


  2. Wow, what a great bunch of books to choose from! The one that jumps out at me is An Unkindness of Ghosts, a book I’ve been trying to read for a year now😁


  3. I’ve given into my mood reading, haha, so I consider myself an always mood reader. I tried a structured TBR but never followed it. I decided for May to tackle two of my biggest books I own — A Queen of Air and Darkness by Cassandra Clare and A Priory of the Orange Tree by Samantha Shannon. Both are quite large and I doubt I’ll have the capacity to read much else.

    Good luck on your Moody May! You have lots of great choices to choose from. 🙂


  4. So many good options! I really love Cinder the rest of the books in the series, I recommend that! Also All Systems Red, it’s short and fun. 🙂 I need to get to my own copy of Record of a Spaceborn Few, I bought it at the end of last year and haven’t read it yet…..

    Enjoy reading whatever your heart desires!


  5. So many great picks. I recently was approved for the sequel to Lost Gods but the synopsis wasn’t too clear on it being a sequel on NG. Whoops. So i just bought the first book. Very curious about it though.


  6. Wow! So many great books to choose from. I love mood reading and I hope this relaxed approach to reading helps. I don’t make TBRs anymore because structured reading stresses me out, but I do hope to read Aurora Rising and Middlegame when they come out.

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    1. TBR’s definitely helped me when I was feeling stressed when I couldn’t decide what to read, but now its gone the other way and is stressful because it’s too restrictive! Hopefully mixing it up with alternating months will help.

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  7. Yay for Moody May!
    I found i had similar “issues” with ARCs. I felt pressured to read them, cuz deadlines, but then at the same time, i wasn’t in the mood for them. I haven’t requested a new ARC in quite a while, and it did help with my overall reading because i don’t feel like i have to do something anymore. Just read whatever i feel like, even if it’s a book that was released 30 years ago 😀

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    1. Yes, that’s the thing I’m looking forward to the most as I feel like I’ve been missing out on older books by having such a focus on new releases. Plus, sometimes I just want to read a book without having to review it!


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