June TBR | Sims-a-thon

I wasn’t planning on doing any readathons over the summer but there was no way that I could resist this perfect Sims-a-thon! Readathons have always been a great way to encourage me to read and I feel that now is a great time to take advantage of that motivation given my YALC (July) and Hugo Awards (August) reading lists. What better way to tackle these reading lists than combining my goals and my love of reading with my love for the Sims?!

simsathon banner.png

I’ve never heard of the Sims-a-thon before but I saw Annemieke’s TBR for it and I loved how fun the readathon looked. Created by booktuber BiancaReads, the readathon allows readers to create a sim, a house, join a career and achieve Sims goals through the reading prompts provided. You can find out more about the readathon via the hosts booktube video.

As I’m going to be quite busy throughout June with work and uni work, I’ve tried to keep my Creation prompts to a minimum to allow me more room to play around with the live mode prompts. I’ve given myself 3 options for each selected prompt. For prompts not selected, such as Have a Baby and Get Married, I will mark them off if they appear in any of the other books I’ve read as I won’t have time to read a book per prompt and it adds in an element of surprise to see what experiences my sim gets to have. When it comes time to do my wrap-up, I might see what kind of Sim I can design that could match the reading life I built for them.

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Create-a-Sim – Read a book that’s first in a series

Copy of books x 3

Buy a house – Read a contemporary or a book set in our world

Copy of books x 3 (1).png


Live Mode

Get a job – Astronaut: Read a book set in space

Copy of books x 3 (2).png

Eat a cookie – Read a book under 200 pages

Copy of books x 3 (3)

Pay your bills – Read your most recent purchase

Copy of books x 3 (4).png

Meet the Grim Reaper – Read a book featuring death

Copy of books x 3 (5)

Take a bubble bath – Read a book over 400 pages

Copy of books x 3 (6)

Have your birthday/Age up – Read an adult book

Copy of books x 3 (7)

Bonus prompts:

🌼 Make a friend: Read a book that features friendship
🌼 Get a promotion: Read a book that you think will be 5 stars
🌼 Fall in love: Read a book with a romance element
🌼 Get married: Read a book with an established couple
🌼 Have a baby: Read a book that features a child
🌼 Become a ghost: Read a spooky book
🌼 Have an affair: Read a book featuring a breakup
🌼 Woo hoo: Read a smutty book

Let me know if you’re planning on taking part in the Sims-a-thon too or, if not, what books are on your TBR for June

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27 thoughts on “June TBR | Sims-a-thon

  1. Great TBR. I see I’am not the only one who still needs to read Lost Gods haha. And read All Systems Red. It’s a quick and great read so perfect to mark of a prompt quickly! Good luck!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. SIMS-A-THON?! Damn. I didn’t want to do any readathons in June because I already have too many and I’ll be away for half the month, but that sounds too good. And most of it is optional, so hey, I’ll just try and see how many I get 😀 Good luck with it!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I already bought a house! 😀 Now I just want to renovate it, then go on to live mode.

        Then I’m at a dilemma, because I want to read The Summer Prince next and THEN The Outside, but it would be a little weird to pay the bills BEFORE I get a job 😀

        Liked by 1 person

      2. That’s fair 😀 It’s just my personal preference that I wanted to do at least the building in order, but from what I’ve seen, others do it out of order too.

        Plus I didn’t do the extra decorating tasks, but I might still return to them if I end up reading something that fits. You can change your house at any point after all 😀


  3. I wish I had found out about this readathon earlier!!! Maybe there’s still time to find my TBR for it… The books on your TBR sound awesome, by the way. Monster Calls is so heartbreaking and beautiful, I hope you love it 💕


    1. That’s cool! I did Moody May last month and it felt so nice not to have a TBR for once, that’s partly why I’ve given myself so much choice in each category so I can still mood read to an extent haha


      1. Haha, right! Back with the older versions I spent so much time downloading all kinds of mods and built theme neighborhoods. Or how much time I spent in Nightlife trying to get a vampire to bite me. 🤣


  4. Oh, what a fun prompt! So many awesome choices on here. I really dug Last Namsara, sad it doesn’t get more love. And I will throw Murderbot at everyone! I need to read Record of a Spaceborn Few, I bought a copy last fall and haven’t read it yet!


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