Wrap Up | August 2019 + updates

There’s almost no point in me doing a wrap up for August because I completely fell out of the blogging and reading worlds. August truly turned out to be the month where time kind of ate itself; I remember preparing for World Con back at the start of August and then before I knew it the first day of September arrived?! I have a fairly good excuse in that preparations for and recovery from World Con turned out to be pretty all-consuming. That combined with a 5000-word report, a statistics exam and writing my 15,000-word dissertation meant I basically had zero time for anything else. I feel a lot less guilty now seeing how much I actually had to do in August written down…

August wasn’t just a complete non-event on the blogging front but I also barely read anything despite it being the NEWTs readathon. In total, I only managed to read 2.5 books before August was over which is kind of disappointing and also means I’m not behind on both my reading and my blogging 😭

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→ Record of a Spaceborn Few by Becky Chambers – ★★★★★ ←
After Atlas by Emma Newman – ★★★★☆ ←
Waste Tide by Chen Qiufan – Currently Reading ←

I may only have read 2.5 books in August but at least they were all excellent books and some of them have been waiting ages to be read. I pre-ordered my copy of Record of a Spaceborn Few last year, couldn’t wait to get my hands on it, and then left it to sit on my bookshelf for a year as I psyched myself out of reading it. It was absolutely excellent though, it made me so incredibly happy reading it and I just wanted to keep reading it forever. After Atlas is another one I had been meaning to read since I read Planetfall in 2018 so was pleased to finally get round to reading After Atlas. I didn’t love it as much as Planetfall but it was still thoroughly enjoyable. Lastly, I’m still midway through my copy of Waste Tide which I finally picked up after meeting Chen Qiufan at World Con which is also excellent. All of these are excellent and I highly recommend them.

In terms of my progress in the NEWTs, I think it’s fair to say I didn’t do very well but am considering extending my NEWTs readathon until the end of September to give myself a fairer chance in light of how much work I had to do in August? But I also feel like this is kind of cheating? Argh, decisions!!

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What’s New?

🌻 I submitted my 5000-word research design report which I will be getting the marks back for in just a few more days and also submitted my second statistics exam which I got the marks back for on Friday. I managed to get a first overall for the Quantitative Methods module which I am super ecstatic over

🌻 I had a blast at World Con even though it was also highly stressful! I haven’t yet done a write up of my time there but I did post my little book haul. I got to meet so many friends both new and old, moderated an ownvoice panel which was INCREDIBLE, and attended some great events. Now I am sad to be home but proud of myself for everything I achieved on that trip

🌻 To be honest, I’m having some sad/anxious feelings about blogging at the moment but not sure where to pop them so here seems a decent bet rather than write a big old post about them. Taking time out from blogging has obviously been super important and necessary, there is only so much that people can juggle at one time and I needed to prioritize my masters. However, I’m also feeling anxious about how much blogging I need to catch up with in terms of ARCs, reviews, posts, etc and have also been feeling isolated from/forgotten about by the community which I know is silly but is still a brain feel that I am having at the moment. I am hoping that things start to improve a little over the next few months but I also have some concerns given that I’m about to start a PhD and don’t want to be forgotten 😅

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That’s all for August, sorry to end on a bit of a downer note but I’m looking forward to (hopefully) being more present over the next few months ❤ As I’ve been so out of the loop make sure you drop a comment to let me know what you’ve been up to and reading in August. I hope it was a great month for you all. 

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6 thoughts on “Wrap Up | August 2019 + updates

  1. I’m really interested in reading Waste Tide, so I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying it. Extend the NEWTs if you wish to! Unforeseen circumstances prevented you from sitting your exams, therefore the committee has decided to let this student take their exams in September instead 😉


  2. Yes, let’s look at the bright side. It’s far better to read only a couple of good book than ten bad ones. That ownvoices panel sounds awesome. What a great experience being able to moderate it! I hope you find a way to balance everything, but even if you need to take an extended break, know that we are all here and we are rooting for you.


  3. Omg Avery, it sounds like you had a LOT on your plate last month, so a break is totally understandable. You’re a wonderful blogger and an awesome person, so whether you take a 1-month break or a 6-month one, we’ll all still be here when you get back. ❤ I didn't read a lot of ARCs in August (just a lot of books that I've been meaning to get to but couldn't find the time), so I'm gonna be scrambling to catch up this month! 😀


  4. ❤ We won't be forgetting about you any time soon dear.

    Wasn't Record great? So different from the other 2 and yet still so much Chambers like. I really enjoyed it too.


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