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Hello, hello friends!

I can’t believe that September is already here?! I know I’ve said that pretty much every month this year but it is even truer for September. It feels like not that long ago that I was starting my Masters last September and now we’re back in September and this time I’m about to start my PhD?? I honestly do not really know how I got here but September/October is going to be a pretty big month for me and the start of another 3-year foray (at the very least) into education. I am clearly a glutton for punishment.

Speaking of being a glutton for punishment, I still want to keep up with my blog in whatever way I can manage so I don’t foresee myself going anywhere over the next months. Not only am I going to be sticking around but I’m hoping to introduce a new feature to put the spotlight on indie and/or diverse authors. I’ve been wanting to introduce this since the start of the year and feel particularly inspired to after World Con in August. I’m also hoping to set up a book blogger streaming collective with a few blogger friends. So, lots of exciting things ahead. Do you think I’ll have time for reading too? 😂

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September TBR

I’m not 100% sure what my TBR for September is going to be given that I haven’t been able to dedicate much thought space to books over the past few weeks and there are only 4 more TBR’s to go before the end of the year. I had so many books I had planned to read this year and I feel like I haven’t read very many of them. Rather than get overwhelmed about how little time we have left in 2019, I figure a good place to start is with the books leftover from my August TBR!

All 4 of these are also ARCs: 2 from July, 1 from earlier in the year and 1 from last Summer so reading them will not only be great in terms of reading them but also for knocking down some more ARCs from my list 💛

9w books (2).png

Being a book blogger feels like an eternal battle between wanting/needing to read ARCs, catching up with backlist books and keeping up with new releases. There are so many books I desperately want to read but have no idea when I will ever find the time! For now, I’ll add To Be Taught If Fortunate and A Monster Calls to my September TBR as these are two that immediately jumped out at me as wanting to be read. I received my copy of To Be Taught… just a few weeks ago and want to devour it immediately, especially post-Record of a Spaceborn Few which I read in August. A Monster Calls is one that I bought a few months ago from a fellow blogger that I really want to make time for. There’s lots of others I’d love to read but it all depends on how much time I’ll have this month.

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Let me know what you’re reading plans are for September and how you’re planning on structuring your TBR now we’re so close to the end of the year. I need help planning my time haha. 

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14 thoughts on “September TBR | The Calm Before the Storm

  1. I feel that struggle so much. I think I’m trying to match arc for new releases/backlists, but so many times it feels like I’m not doing that or reading more backlists than arcs. I have a couple of books left over from August and I have a buddy read this month – we seem to be doing the series 😃

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  2. This year has honestly gone by way too fast! Good luck with your September TBR! I had a few books I didn’t get around to reading in August, so will probably be added to my September TBR too. I’ve been seeing Mooncakes around a lot lately and I am very interested in checking that one out! I hope you get the chance to read A Monster Calls.

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  3. September and October are going to be fairly ARC heavy months for me, but I’m setting aside November to partake in Sci-Fi month, where I hope to catch up on a lot of backlist! After that, December is going to be all about catch up – reading books that I put on TBRs earlier in the year that I didn’t actually get to. Hopefully it all goes according to plan, but when has that ever happened with a TBR?

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    1. Ahhh that sounds like an excellent plan! I’m starting to feel a little burned out from sci fi St the moment so I’m considering maybe deferring some of these until November as ill be taking part in sci fi month as well. I think that it would definitely be helpful to plan the rest of the months as well to make the most of the last few months of 2019

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  4. Good luck with your PHD!
    I know this fall is packed with book releases so I tried not to request many ARCs because I don’t need that kind of stress, LOL. I hope you’re able to balance reading and school and everything okay and good luck again! 🙂

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  5. Good luck with both your PhD and your reading & blogging! Managing all of those sounds like a challenge I’m glad I don’t have to face up to right now, that’s for sure!

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