Down the TBR Hole | Mass Clear Out Part 1: Older Additions

Down the TBR Hole was originally created by Lia @ Lost in a Story

Hey everyone. This post is going to be quite a bit different from my previous Down the TBR Hole posts as it’s going to be a bit of a mega-post in honor of the coming academic year (i.e when my ‘new year’ technically starts because I’ve been in education for too long and my entire life runs around the academic calendar). I love clear-outs and I especially love sorting through my physical and virtual TBR shelves. However, I’ve always found it frustrating to only do my TBR clear-outs in small increments bi-monthly rather than just doing it all in one go. Things end up building up faster than they are gotten rid of and if I continue doing two posts a month with about 10 TBR books each it would take me about 10.5 months to go through the books I already have on my shelves…

So, rather than drag this out any longer than it needs to be I’m gonna hit y’all with two beastly posts divided into older TBR additions and newer TBR additions to sort out which I’m keeping, which I’m getting rid of and which are on their last chance. It’s going to be ruthless and it’s going to be tough but I am aiming for those nice clean shelves in time for the start of the new academic term at the end of September!

This post is devoted to “older additions” which includes anything pre-October 2018. Some of these will have appeared on previous Down the TBR Hole posts but may have been reconsidered since then.

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Keep (53 total)
23/53 books owned

books x 5 (1)

books x 5 (2)

books x 5 (3)

books x 5 (4).png

books x 5 (5)

books x 5 (6)

books x 5 (7)

books x 5 (8)

books x 5 (9)

books x 5 (13)

books x 5 (14)

One of the main reasons for wanting to clear our my Goodreads TBR shelf is that there are so, so many brilliant, beautiful and wonderful books hidden amongst lots of things I don’t want to read (anymore) which end up being forgotten about in the mass of TBR books. Going through my TBR shelf has helped me to pick out the books most want to read which have been on my list for a while. It’ll not only make them easier to find but also won’t make me feel so overwhelmed every time I look at my list meaning that, hopefully, I’ll be able to start crossing off some of these very patient books that have been waiting for me.

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Keep but remove from TBR (5 total)
4/5 books owned

books x 5 (11).png

In the cases of these 5, I still very much want to read them but have decided to remove them from my TBR as they’re all quite long books that I want to be able to take my time with and dip in and out of rather than read straight through. As such, I don’t feel like having them on my TBR shelf as they’re not books that I would pick out to read from my TBR in the same way as the other books and they’ll end up being there forever.

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Discard (19 total)
6/19 owned

books x 5 (12)

books x 5 (15)

books x 5 (16)

books x 5 (17).png

I feel like 19 books is a pretty okay start for clearing up my list and there are various reasons that some of these are being discarded. Some I’ve owned for a number of years but still haven’t gotten around to reading and likely never will. Some are ones which I’m no longer interested in reading and the remaining ones (like Nightlights) are books I’d still like to read but don’t see myself being able to buy them or read them anytime soon but they don’t grab me enough to want to keep them on my TBR until then.

line break

Last Chance (18)
14/18 owned

books x 5 (18).png

books x 5 (19).png

books x 5 (20)

books x 5 (21)

I always find ‘last chance’ books much harder to pick than ones to just straight up discard because these are the ones I’m more on the fence about keeping or not keeping. A lot of these books are ones that I own and I think that’s part of the problem – if they were just virtual TBR books I would’ve discarded a lot of them but feel more of a sense of obligation to push through and read them so I don’t appear ungrateful to/for them. Unfortunately, some of them I’m just not interested in reading right now but don’t want them on my TBR so it makes more sense to just take them off than have them hanging around whereas some I’m just not particularly interested in reading anymore but want to give them one last shot.

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books x 5 (22)

ARCs belong in a separate category for me as they’re not ones that I can keep/discard in the same way but also keep them around on my TBR to remind me to read them. All three of these are ones I’m planning to read before the end of 2019 though as I got them last summer and feel very guilty for not having read them yet. Harley in the Sky which I included above is also an ARC but I accidentally added it in and then didn’t want to mess around with rearranging the pictures :’)

line break

That’s all for this clear-out post. Even though we’re only halfway there I already feel much better about my Goodreads TBR shelf and it feels like a sense of relief to get rid of some of the books I’m not interested in anymore so I can focus on the older TBR additions I actually do want to read. The next post will be newer additions which were added between October 2018 and October 2018 (about 110 in total) so make sure you check back in to see what’s going and what’s staying. Then my TBR will finally all be cleared out and in a more suitable state for the end of the year rush!

Let me know how you feel about some of the books going and staying from this mass clear-out, and whether there are any you feel particularly strongly about (even though I won’t change my mind ;))

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4 thoughts on “Down the TBR Hole | Mass Clear Out Part 1: Older Additions

  1. I really need to go through all of my bookshelves (books I own and even my Goodreads shelves of books I want to read and don’t own). I tried to go through my physical books last week and ended up pulling 15 books to donate, but I really need to get tough with it because I know there can be more. It’s so hard to want to get rid of books, haha. Amazing job doing this clear out of books! While I did like Cinder, the series as a whole was a bit of a disappointment to me. I didn’t love it as much as everyone else did. I have The Islands At the End of the World and Rebel of the Sands that I have still yet to read.


  2. I liked The Wicked and the Divine. I only read the first one but it as pretty cool. Hope you’ll reconsidered keeping it.


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