Upcoming Video Game Releases 2019 that are here to take all my money

Throughout the year I’ve been keeping a close eye on 2019 video game releases because there have been a tonne of great releases so far this year. But, the year is not over yet and there are several games due for release in this month along that I am super hyped for. As November is the month when most of these games are being released and I’ve been giving a lot of thought about which ones I can attempt to justify buying, I thought it would be good to do a post sharing my gaming purchase dilemmas with you all. If you want to add me on Steam then you can find me here or drop me a message for my Switch friend code!

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Upcoming Releases



Planet Zoo (PC)
5th November 2019 – £34.99

I have been eagerly keeping an eye out for the Planet Zoo release date after seeing the announcement drop at E3 earlier in the year. I love how the game looks and the focus that it will have on conservation and enrichment. I’ve been signed up to the Planet Zoo developer email since E3 and have been enjoying all of the updates I’ve been seeing over the past few months so this is one I’m definitely going to be buying on release day. The only slight disappointment is that I had assumed Planet Zoo would not be PC exclusive as it seems like the perfect game for the Switch (which is the platform I had been intending to buy it on). However, the studio confirmed that it’s only been set for PC release which is sad.



Death Stranding (PS4)
8th November 2019 – £54.99

Death Stranding is another one I’ve been keeping my eye on, especially as it was first announced in 2017 so we’ve had a long wait! However, the more I’ve seen of Death Stranding the more uncertain I’ve become over whether it’s something I actually want to play or not and the mixed reviews that have been coming out over the past few days certainly haven’t helped me make a decision one way or another. For now, I’ve decided it’s not worth paying full price for but I might invest in it once the game has dropped in price. Otherwise it’ll be one to watch via playthrough.



The Sims 4: Discover University Expansion Pack (PC)
14th November 2019 – £34.99

The University Expansion pack for the Sims 3 is one of my all-time favourite Sims packs so I am overjoyed that there is going to be a University expansion pack for The Sims 4 and that it’s about to be released! I completely missed the announcement and only encountered it by chance when I fell into a Sims 4 hole last week thanks to a Halloween sale. As there are so many games coming out this month alone, I’m not sure if my budget can stretch to buying it at the moment so I might have to wait a little while until I can experience the joy *sobs*



Pokemon Sword and Shield (Nintendo Switch)
15th November 2019 – £44.99

The new Pokemon game is another one I’m going to have to wait to get my hands on which is making me SO SAD because I have been super hyped for it for ages. I had decided pretty early on which one I’m going to get (Shield) and have been thrilled to see some of the announcements around the Shield Pokemon (like the Galar Ponyta!!) I’m very excited to see what the new game has to offer us.


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STAR WARS Jedi: Fallen Order (PC/PS4/Xbox)
15th November 2019 – £54.99

Jedi: Fallen Order is another E3 drop that I was very intrigued by. I love a good Star Wars game especially one that is single-player and I enjoyed watching the trailers and gameplay at E3. This was one I knew I wouldn’t be likely to afford when it came but luckily for me it’s included with Origin Premier which I am a subscriber to so I’ll be able to play this when it comes out!!

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Recently Released Games

In addition to the upcoming releases, there are a few recently released games that have come out which I have been wanting to get my hands on but again (boo, boring finances, boo) haven’t been able to with the exception of the first game I’ll be mentioning!



The Outer Worlds (PS4)
25th October 2019 – £49.99

The Outer Worlds was one of my most anticipated game releases for this year and I completely dropped the ball on the release, not realizing it had been released until I saw someone I follow on Twitter post a picture of their loading screen. Thankfully the release almost perfectly coincided with the approval of my doctoral loan (after 3 months of hell stress) so myself and my partner agreed I could buy it as a reward for myself. We started playing it last night and it is so good and everything that I hoped it would be. It is the perfect Space Fallout game, complete with some Bioshockesque aesthetics which makes my little heart so happy.


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Ring Fit Adventure (Nintendo Switch)
18th October 2019 – £64.99-£80.99

For the past 10 years, I’ve kept wanting to get fitter but find it really hard to engage with fitness things outside of the house for various reasons (financial, self-esteem, fibromyalgia, etc). I loved the Wii Fit and used to use it all the time as a teenager and have been holding out for some kind of fitness thing for the Switch. I like the look of the Ring Fit although it is definitely out of my price range for the time being but is something I would love to consider getting in the future.



Neo Cab (PC/Nintendo Switch)
3rd October 2019 – £11.40

Neo Cab was one of my favourite things to come out of LudoNarraCon back in February but sadly I haven’t been able to purchase it yet. I’ve heard great things from people who have played it so it’s one I’ve got my eye on to get for the Switch when I can.

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What are some of the game releases that you’re looking forward to? Or are there some games which have recently been released that you’ve been keeping your eye on or already own that you’ve been playing?

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5 thoughts on “Upcoming Video Game Releases 2019 that are here to take all my money

  1. I’m really enjoying THE OUTER WORLDS, especially since I got off the first planet and into space. I loooove games where I unintentionally spend an hour talking to my companions instead of going on a mission.

    DEATH STRANDING is way too weird for me, it’s going to have to be on deep discount before I ever check it out. I’ve got way too much in my backlog, and I’m likely going to be getting FALLEN ORDER on release, unless it somehow gets abysmal reviews.

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