12 thoughts on “#StartOnYourShelfathon| Sign-Up

  1. I keep telling myself to sign up for this challenge and then I don’t, haha. The Fifth Season was fantastic and definitely a series I need to continue. I also want to get to Radio Silence as I’ve heard phenomenal things. Wishing you lots of luck with this challenge!

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  2. I am hoping to read 25 of my own books this year as well. Any book that I bought from 2019 or before. Last year I failed miserably because I had my count at 40, but hopefully with lowering it to 25 I will be able to. It’s so hard when there’s ARCs and library books, haha. 😛 I hope you get to your aimed number and more! Good luck. 🙂 And I am hoping to read Radio Silence at some point this year. I wanted to last year, but then never got around to it.


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