Book Tag | Musical Shuffle

Becca tagged me in this neat little tag that she created last month and I saved it as something fun to do in the first week of the new year. The aim of the tag is to put your music on shuffle and attribute each song to a character, a book, a ship or whatever bookish thing springs to mind. You can do it for 5-10 songs and then tag anyone you think might enjoy it too!

I don’t really use iTunes so I’m going to attempt to do this on Spotify. As I have about a million different playlists, I’m going to choose a handful of them and pick 1-2 songs from each playlist!

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Book Tag | Santa’s Little Helper

I know it’s not a Thursday but Destiny tagged me in this great little Christmas tag today and it seemed like the perfect thing to post for Christmas Eve!


  1. answer the prompts
  2. tag 3 people
  3. leave a link to your favorite blog post YOU have written this year!

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Book Tag | Bookish ‘Naughty or Nice’

What better way to start ramping up the Christmas cheer in anticipation of Christmas next Tuesday than to do this amazing tag?! This great tag was created by the wonderful Jenn, and although I wasn’t tagged in it I’ve seen quite a few friends participating in this and it looks really fun.

Hope you all enjoy finding our whether I’m a nice or naughty reader, haha

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Book Tag | Out of my Comfort Zone

Kathy recently did this really fun tag and at 1.30am when I couldn’t sleep I thought ‘what better way to spend the early hours of the morning’. As you might have noticed I tend to read a lot of science fiction. The one rule of this tag is that you have to choose one genre you frequently read and you can’t use any books from that genre to answer the prompts, so it will be an interesting exercise for my semi-tired brain!

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