Sensitivity Reading Services

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It is a very exciting time in publishing with increasing numbers of diverse books being published each year and writers wanting to write stories which are inclusive of marginalized identities and which tackle complex issues. Yet, it can be difficult to write representation which captures the nuances of such identities and issues, especially if you have no lived experiences of these. Sensitivity readers can help writers to navigate these tricky waters by reading manuscripts with particular identities or issues in mind and providing feedback on the representation.

Diversity in books is super important but so is getting the representation right! As a sensitivity reader, I can highlight any areas or specific sections in the manuscript which are harmful and/or offensive and provide constructive feedback to help you to eliminate any stereotypes, biases, inaccurate information, and harmful content.


How It Works

If you are interested in hiring me as a sensitivity reader, then I will require a finished (or nearly completed) manuscript or written document that I can read. I accept either a digital copy or a physical copy, although a physical copy is preferable. I will then read through the manuscript/documents with a careful eye and provide you with a 1-3 page feedback report which includes my general thoughts, feedback regarding any changes that might need to be made, and outlining specific sections that may cause particular harm/offense. The price also includes any follow-up questions you may have. 

I also offer consultation services for:

  • Anyone who has any specific questions you have or areas that you would like me to look over from manuscripts
  • Graphic novels or comic books
  • Shorter projects which are not manuscripts such as tabletop/video game design, character design, and rules.

Please note: I do not currently provide any editing services and cannot provide feedback on pacing, etc. Any feedback for sensitivity and/or consultation services is not an endorsement of the work itself.


Areas of Expertise

🌻 Trans masculine and AFAB non-binary representation
🌻 Depression and anxiety
🌻 Fibromyalgia / chronic pain and fatigue
🌻 Autism
🌻 Lesbian, gay and bisexual representation
🌻 Asexuality
🌻 Hospitalization for mental illness in England
🌻 White working class representation
🌻 Homelessness
🌻 Moderate alcohol dependency
🌻 Emotional and physical abuse
🌻 Sexual health and healthy relationships

My services include Young Adult, New Adult and Adult fiction across all genres, and non-fiction for all ages. If you are unsure if your manuscript or project fits within these then do not hesitate to drop me an email to enquire.

I have a BA in History and Anthropology and am currently studying for a Masters of Research in Anthropology. I have academic experience in reading and writing about human-animal relations, historical and contemporary queerness, video games, and artificial intelligence. I have experience as a sensitivity reader, have been a diverse book blogger for over 2 years, and worked as an Access & Inclusion consultant for 3 years. I have also been a speaker and moderator at fan conventions for over 3 years on a wide range of panels including Queer Coding in Disney, LGBTQIA Respectability Politics, Approaches to Gender in Genre Fic, and Conservation in Jurassic Park.



Sensitivity Reading: £0.004 per word for one of the above areas or £0.006 per word for two or more of the above areas.

Consultation prices are bespoke depending on the type and length of document, and what is required.

If you are on a low-income, are unwaged or a student then please don’t hesitate to contact me to ask about sliding scale pricing.

All clients will receive an invoice and a non-disclosure agreement (if required). Payments can be made via bank transfer or paypal. 50% of the total amount is required up-front once terms of services have been agreed and the final 50% is required once the report is finished. Refunds cannot be issued once work has begun.


Next Steps…

If you’re interested in hiring me as a sensitivity reader and/or consultant, then the next steps are to contact me with further information about your manuscript or project. Please provide details about which service you’re interested in, whether it’s for a manuscript or other project and general information (synopsis, length, genre, selected areas of expertise, and desired turnaround). We can then discuss this further before committing to anything.

You can contact me via my contact form which you can find here!