YALC 2019 | Access is Important!

Last year I did a general review for YALC which included looking at the best things about YALC 2018, some problematic panels, and then a whole rant about the awful accessibility. I returned this year for YALC 2019 and although I am pleased to report that there have definitely been some improvements, there are still access issues for disabled attendees and some downright awful behavior towards disabled attendees from able-bodied ones.

Rather than doing one huge post for YALC 2019, I decided to split them up into my 2019 haul and this accessibility post to allow for more space for each thing. Accessibility is quite often an individualized experience, although some things are common across different disabled people, so I would encourage you to check out other attendees posts. So far, I’ve only seen a great one from Jenn but if you know of any others please free to point me in their direction so I can include them here as well!

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YALC 2018 |Awesome Authors, Amazing Books & Awful Accessibility

I return from my first ever YALC!

Last week I posted about my plans to attend the YA Lit Con in London for the first year and wanted to do a little round-up because, unsurprisingly, I picked up a lot of fantastic books, met some great people and attended some interesting panels that I wanted to share with you all.

Unfortunately, not every aspect of YALC was as great as it could have been and, quite frankly, the accessibility was appalling. I posted about it a lot on twitter at the time but wanted to be able to go a bit more in-depth about what actually happened and what could have been done differently to make the entire experience enjoyable.

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Why Nine Worlds is so Important

Have you ever been to a convention where the fans are as important (if not more important in some regards) than content creators? Where 50% of the content is created BY attendees and where attendees are part of panels? Where pronouns and accessibility needs are respected? And where children are actively welcomed and can attend for free? I’m going to guess not… unless you’ve already been to Nineworlds (9W’s).

For those of you who haven’t heard of 9W’s before, it is an annual “Geek Convention” which takes place over an August weekend where attendees come together to celebrate, talk and sing about, cosplay, and explore anything and everything to do with Geekdom. Yet, unlike many other conventions which place content creators firmly at the hearts of their conventions (see long lines for expensive autographs and the attendee/creator divide) 9W’s has successfully created a convention in which fans truly are at the heart of everything that they do. It is unlike anything I have experienced before, and so as someone who attended 9W’s for the third year I wanted to share with you why I think 9W’s is truly special and important.

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