2018 in Review| 2018 Friendships

Earlier in the month, Lauren did an amazingly heart-warming post for her first day as host for Bookending Winter called ‘Warming your winter’ where she looked back at her blogging friendships during 2018 and shared their posts. I was honestly so touched when I read through Lauren’s post and saw my name mentioned in it, it really did warm my winter. 

I really wanted to do my own post so I could spread the love to my own lovely blogging friends who have seriously made this year incredible. I never thought that I would make such amazing friends through blogging and I’m so grateful to all of you for making this year so incredible. 

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Book Tag | Bookish ‘Naughty or Nice’

What better way to start ramping up the Christmas cheer in anticipation of Christmas next Tuesday than to do this amazing tag?! This great tag was created by the wonderful Jenn, and although I wasn’t tagged in it I’ve seen quite a few friends participating in this and it looks really fun.

Hope you all enjoy finding our whether I’m a nice or naughty reader, haha

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Blogmas | My Netgalley ARCs

NetGalley was not only my first introductions to ARCs but it was also, essentially, my introduction to the book blogging community! Since I joined earlier in 2017, I have learned a lot about book blogging, what ARCs are (this acronym took me ages to understand) and how to request them on NetGalley. I’m yet to receive any physical ARCs and that’s something that I’m hoping to work towards in 2018, but for now, I have lots of e-ARCs that I need to get through.

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Blogmas | Caring for an Elderly Hamster

I wanted to come at you with something a little different for Blogmas today, something that I care about a lot and hope you will find interesting/useful too! Many people don’t realize that I have a little old Syrian hamster and have had him for about 2 years now. I don’t tend to post about him too much, just as he’s a bit of a solitary wanderer who likes his space but now he’s definitely getting on in life I thought it would be helpful to do a little post about what it’s like to care for an elderly hamster, what adjustments you might need to make, and preparing yourself for the inevitable!

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Blogmas | Yule Bingo 2017

This is my first ever Christmas here on this blog!

I’ve not been very good with seasonal posts as I’m still figuring out this whole regular blogging business and hadn’t even heard of “Blogmas” until Reading Through Infinity posted one the other day! I want to kick off the first Blogmas post with a super cool Harry Potter Yule Bingo that is being run by Life and Lit which I just can’t help but join in (blame my competitive Gryffindor nature)!

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