Wrap Up | January 2018

Last year I stopped doing wrap-ups after a few months as I found that they took a lot of time to organise and they were my least read posts. But this month I’ve had a fantastic start to the new year and I really wanted to share my progress with you all! I managed to read a total of 10 books, plus one DNF. This is a huge deal for me as last year I only managed to read a total of 23 books and I’m already 7 books ahead of schedule to meet my total of 50 books in 2018. Make sure you read all the way to the bottom to check out my unexpected January surprise!

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Discussion | E-Books VS Physical Books

There have been many discussions over e-books and physical books. Some people swear off e-books with concerns that e-books are going to replace their beloved physical books. Some people love e-books because let’s be real, most of us can’t cart around 5 or 6 books with us and e-readers keep everything nice, compact, and easily transportable for those who either have too many books on the go at once to carry them all or can’t make up their mind and need to take their entire collection with them in their e-reader. Others love the feeling of holding a physical book in their hands and take pride in collecting beautiful copies to line their bookshelves.

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