A Mental Health Interlude


All day I have felt terrible – and by terrible I mean so depressed that I have been unable to get out of bed, feeling like I’m stuck in an endless void which assaults my brain with invasive thoughts – and haven’t known what to do with myself. I haven’t felt this bad in quite a long time. Since I started taking Citalopram to help with my depression and anxiety it’s really leveled me out. On days when I have felt depressed, the Citalopram cushions the blow and keeps me falling below sea level. But today, today has been really bad and I think part of it is that I’ve felt completely trapped – by my mind, by my life, by feeling like I have no one to talk to.

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Discussion | Balancing Reading with the Rest of your Life

It’s only the first month of 2018 and already I have read 10 books this month! Considering that I only read a total of 24 throughout 2017, this is a huge improvement for me. I used to sit in awe at some of my book blogging friends as they seemed to steamroll through books and I am still in awe of a lot of these people. Because although I have read a lot of books this month, I haven’t really done anything else with my life?

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