Wrap Up | January 2019

Thanks to January’s late-a-thon, 2019 is off to a pretty good start. Although I’ve been horrifically busy with my PhD application and starting a new job I was able to get a fair few overdue ARCs finished up as well as (finally) posting to a reasonably consistent level. Thank you to all of you who have been cheering me along my PhD application journey and leaving such ace comments on my posts this month 💚

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Wrap Up | January 2018

Last year I stopped doing wrap-ups after a few months as I found that they took a lot of time to organise and they were my least read posts. But this month I’ve had a fantastic start to the new year and I really wanted to share my progress with you all! I managed to read a total of 10 books, plus one DNF. This is a huge deal for me as last year I only managed to read a total of 23 books and I’m already 7 books ahead of schedule to meet my total of 50 books in 2018. Make sure you read all the way to the bottom to check out my unexpected January surprise!

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