ARC Review: Educated | Mormonism, Abuse and a Young Woman’s Struggle for Education

TITLE: Educated
AUTHOR: Tara Westover
RELEASED: February 2018; Random House
GENRE: Non Fiction
FORMAT: e-Book

KEY INFO: Memoir, Mormonism, rural America, off-the-grid living, education
female author, mental illness
emotional abuse, physical abuse, sexual abuse, trauma, severe mental illnesses, controlling and abusive father, gaslighting from parents and brother

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Wrap Up | March: Women’s History Month

March has felt like such a bizarre month; both unendingly long but also too short now that the end of the month is here. The fact that April is just around the corner is just blowing my mind – how can 3 months have already swept past? When I was little, it felt like time just went on forever but now that I’m an adult it feels like time is a train that just won’t stop.

Now that those thoughts are out into the world, let’s discuss what happened during March!

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