Why Nine Worlds is so Important

Have you ever been to a convention where the fans are as important (if not more important in some regards) than content creators? Where 50% of the content is created BY attendees and where attendees are part of panels? Where pronouns and accessibility needs are respected? And where children are actively welcomed and can attend for free? I’m going to guess not… unless you’ve already been to Nineworlds (9W’s).

For those of you who haven’t heard of 9W’s before, it is an annual “Geek Convention” which takes place over an August weekend where attendees come together to celebrate, talk and sing about, cosplay, and explore anything and everything to do with Geekdom. Yet, unlike many other conventions which place content creators firmly at the hearts of their conventions (see long lines for expensive autographs and the attendee/creator divide) 9W’s has successfully created a convention in which fans truly are at the heart of everything that they do. It is unlike anything I have experienced before, and so as someone who attended 9W’s for the third year I wanted to share with you why I think 9W’s is truly special and important.

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