ARC Review: Invasions | A Shining Example of Queer Speculative Fiction

TITLE: Invasions.
AUTHOR: Calvin Gimpelevich
RELEASED: October 2018; Instar Books
GENRE: Speculative Fiction
FORMAT: Paperback

KEY INFO: short stories, queer fiction, bodies, debut collection, #ownvoices
REPRESENTATION: trans women, trans men, amputee, m/m relationships, f/f relationships, transracial adoptee, people of colour, 
eating disorder, body dysmorphia, body dysphoria, non-consensual bodily interactions, rape, sexual abuse of a minor, body horror, abusive relationships, gaslighting, potential pedophilia, sexual realignment surgery, humiliation, police violence

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ARC Review: Queering Sexual Violence | The Sexual Violence Resource that Everybody Needs to Read

TITLE: Queering Sexual Violence: Radical Voices from Within the Anti-Violence Movement
AUTHOR: edited by Jennifer Patterson
RELEASED: April 2016; Riverdale Avenue Books
GENRE: Non-fiction

KEY INFO: non-fiction, anthology, advocacy and activism, radical organizing
REPRESENTATION: queer authors, non-binary, trans women, trans men, cis queer women, women of colour, people of colour, survivors, mental illness (not complete list)
CONTENT NOTICES: pretty much everything you can think of – rape, sexual violence, incest, child abuse, eating disorders, BDSM, institutional violence, suicide attempts, physical violence, racism, racialized violence, neglect, emotional abuse, domestic abuse.

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Book Review | Beyond: The Queer SFF Comic Anthology

TITLE: Beyond: The Queer Science Fiction & Fantasy Comic Anthology
AUTHOR: edited by Sfe R. Monster
SERIES: Beyond: Queer Anthology Series
RELEASED: September 2015; Beyond Press
GENRE: Science Fiction & Fantasy
FORMAT: e-Book

KEY INFO: comics, adorable fluff, queerness, family, acceptance, love and squish
women of colour, f/f, interspecies families and romances, interracial families and romances, m/m, trans woman, polyamorous, people of colour, bisexual, trans masculine, gender fluidity, non-binary, Asian woman
appropriation of two-spirit & Native American culture in ‘Twin Souled’

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