Wrap Up | October

September turned out to be a fairly successful month for me. My blogging frequently is increasing, at a snail’s pace but it’s something, but the biggest thing to come out of September was finally getting my result’s for my dissertation and degree! After a long and very painful 28 days, I found out I got a 1st overall for my degree and over 75% for my dissertation. After all the shit that has happened throughout the 3.5 years of my degree, it honestly feels like the best trophy to get a 1st AND survive being at university. I still can’t quite believe it, and I definitely can’t believe that it’s already the 1st day of October! Time flies by too fast, but I like to at least begin the month with a vague outline of what I might be getting up to.

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Book Review: Starborn | An Enjoyable High Fantasy Book but with Concerning Problematic Representation

TITLE: Starborn
AUTHOR: Lucy Hounsom
SERIES: Worldmaker
RELEASED: August 2017; Tor
GENRE: Fantasy
FORMAT: Physical

KEY INFO: high fantasy, female protag, magic, blind character

CONTENT NOTICES: queer coded villain, ‘curing’ blind character via magic, sexual violence against women

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I got a free copy of Starborn by Lucy Hounsom in my goody bag from Nine Worlds 2017 and was pleasantly surprised by this book. Usually, I’m not a huge fan of fantasy novels as I tend to find them too Tolkienesque for my liking with writing that can be overly complicated, dry and long-winded. But Starborn is not like this at all. Lucy Hounsom manages to write in such a way which is wholly immersive without being alienating for the reader, and I found myself completely engaged from the very first chapter.

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