Mailbox Monday | Bank Holiday Weekend


Hey everyone! This weekend it was a bank holiday weekend in the UK as well as my partner’s birthday. We have been super lucky with the fantastic summery weather but it has also melted everyone/caused lots of storms/been difficult for my doggo so as nice as it has been I would like a few cooler days off, please!

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Quiz | Sort Your Dog into a Hogwarts House

I came across this quiz on Flavia’s blog and obviously I had to do it immediately for Achilles. Considering that he has a Gryffindor parent and a Slytherin Dad, there have been many debates in our household as to what house Achilles belongs in so I’m so excited to do this quiz. This quiz was created by AKBookworm, so please be sure to credit her and link to her blog if you decide to take / post this quiz as well!

Image result for hogwarts sorting ceremony

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