Valentine’s Day | Fictional Crushes

I had originally written this post for yesterday’s Top 10 Tuesday’s ‘Love Freebie’ prompt. However, lots of you wanted to hear about my OTP/NoTP’s for T10T instead so I thought I would save my crushes for the actual day itself! Beware, there may be butts (There definitely is butts)!

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2018 Bullet Journal | February

After seeing how many people loved my 2018 Bullet Journal post where I shared my hard-learned lessons from the previous year and 2018 set-up, I thought it would be a nice idea to share with you all my monthly spreads and records of my reading progress. Unfortunately, despite rushing to get my Bullet Journal February spread ready in time for the start of February, I never actually got round to sharing my pages with you all! 12 days late is better than never though I suppose 😉

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