As a writer, I am always on the lookout for opportunities to write more things! Below is a sample of my academic writing, articles, and reviews to provide a snapshot of the type of topics I write about and my writing style. If you would like to find out more about me or hire me as a writer then please contact me here.

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The Menace of Femininity and the Ignominy of Queer People: the Construction of Women and Queer People as ‘Others’ within the French Revolution and Subsequent Historiography‘. Published on Academia – August 2018

Queer Spatial Tactics: The Commodification of Soho, Closing the Map of Queer London and Spatial Tactics of Resistance‘. Published independently on WordPress – June 2015

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The Highs and Woes of Transmasculine Characters in Video Games: Transmasculine Representation in Dragon Age: Inquisition and Dream Daddy‘. Published by POMEmag – June 2018

Being Trans During the Winter Holidays‘. Published on RedRocketPanda – December 2017

Why It’s Okay to Not Have a Great Time at University‘. Published on RedRocketPanda – September 2017

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YALC 2018 | Awesome Authors, Amazing Books, Awful Accessibility

Starfish | Healing, Identity, and Belonging

Review of BBC 1’s ‘Troy: Fall of a City’ Season 1

What I’m Most Excited About at E3 2017 | EA Conference

The Radium Girls | The Inspiring Story of America’s Shining Women