2019 Goals| Quarterly Check-In #1

Don’t even get me started on how the hell it’s even April already. I feel like I only wrote my 2019 goals post a few weeks ago and yet, here we are – a quarter of the way through the year in the blink of an eye. As one of my goals for this year was to introduce a quarterly a check-in, in order to keep myself accountable and share my progress with you all, I thought I’d kick April off by reviewing where I’m up to with my goals.

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2019 Reading Goals

🎆 Read 75 books: I’m currently at 14/75 books for my Goodreads Challenge which isn’t too bad considering all of the PhD stress that’s dominated the first 3 months of this year!

🎆 Don’t stop reading series!: Let’s not even talk about this one because I have made absolutely zilch progress on my series due to my focus on new release ARCs.

🎆 Read books as soon as/soon after I get them: Another one I haven’t been very successful at for the same reason (ARCs). I hauled 12 books between January-April and have read only 1 so far. This is something I definitely need to step up my game on.

🎆 Read more graphic novels: I’m feeling pretty okay about my graphic novel progress thus far having read 3. I’m hoping to get a few for my birthday in 2 weeks so that should also help.

🎆 Keep up with ARCs: This is something I have definitely done! I am 100% up to date on my new release ARCs which is amazing. I have 3 reviews I need to catch up on plus 11 overdue ARCs from last year, but I am super pleased I have met my goal of keeping up with the new release ARCs.

🎆 More buddy reads: Sadly, buddy reads is something that has definitely fallen on the wayside although I am planning one with Cecelia. If there are any books you’re down to buddy read then let me know!

Aside from my general 2019 reading goals, I am also taking part in a number of reading challenges which I am making great progress with. If you want to check out my challenge progress in real time then you can find the updates here!


2019 Blogging Goals

🌌 Review books a maximum of 1-2 weeks after I finish them: This started off really well at the beginning of the year but I’ve fallen behind this month. I mentioned in an earlier post that I struggle with keeping up with reviews if I read a lot of books in one month and that’s what happened in March. I’m still within the 2 week time frame for some of them though so I’m planning to catch up ASAP

🌌 Quarterly/tri-monthly check in’s: I submit this post as evidence!

🌌 Continue bloghopping: I have been struggling to keep up with blogging so I don’t think it’s surprising I haven’t had time to blog hop, though I would like to try and put aside at least one afternoon a month at the very least for future months

🌌 Hosting/taking part in more events: I took part in the late-a-thon in January, am currently taking part in the O.W.Ls Readathon this month, and am planning on doing the Unsolvedathon next month.


2019 Personal Goals 

☄️ Get onto a PhD: Yes! This is one of my major goals of this year and am super pleased to be able to tick this one off as completed!

☄️ MORE VIDEO GAMES: I have definitely been playing more video games (yay!) though the next focus needs to be on actually finishing those video games (haha…) I have also been posting more video game content though which I think is a good start and am planning to start posting regular video game content every Friday. Similarly to my reading challenges, I am also participating in a gaming challenge (Sidequest 20 games to play before 2020) which I am pretty behind on so need to start making a more concerted effort in my gaming

☄️ Increase my fitness: I joined the gym at the start of the year but unfortunately my fibromyalgia has really effected my ability to work out at the gym (causing severe delayed pain and fatigue after work outs). I’m planning on adapting a routine to include more walking rather than depending on the gym for this

☄️ Write more articles: eeehhhhh. This is the one goal I am not happy with my progress on but am trying to be okay with it because it was down to Life Stuff rather than anything else. I have a lot of gaming articles I need to catch up on which is another focus for this month (if I get time in between working and a report for uni)

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I feel like I’ve made some pretty good progress on my goals and am definitely learning to adjust my expectations around managing my workload and being okay with not making progress with everything. This is the first year that I’ve worked part-time, studied and been a blogger so although its frustrating to feel like I’m falling short in some areas, I’m trying to focus on all of the areas I am making good progress in 🎊

Let me know how you’re progressing with any goals you might have set at the beginning of the year or, if not, anything you’re particularly proud of achieving in the first quarter of the year

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5 thoughts on “2019 Goals| Quarterly Check-In #1

  1. When I realized that it was actually April, it was kind of freaked out by that. Haha. It’s crazy how fast this year is going! I’ve been pretty bad with the series and read books as soon as I get them, OOPS. I made a spreadsheet with all the books that I’ve been getting throughout the year and I think so far I have read maybe 8 out of 50 books; not good.

    That’s awesome that you’ve been able to keep up with your ARCs. I’ve kind of been slipping with that this year, which is sad because I’m usually on top of it at the beginning of the year. It’s usually around the holidays when I fall behind.

    So awesome that you accomplished your PhD goal. That’s so exciting and I am so happy for you. It looks to me like you’re doing pretty good with the progress on all your goals.


  2. It does look like you’re making good progress. I know some of my goals have fallen by the wayside while others I’ve been doing really good with. Great job on keeping up with your ARC’s, that’s always a huge source of stress for me. Good luck with quarter 2!


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