2018 in Review| 2018 Friendships

Earlier in the month, Lauren did an amazingly heart-warming post for her first day as host for Bookending Winter called ‘Warming your winter’ where she looked back at her blogging friendships during 2018 and shared their posts. I was honestly so touched when I read through Lauren’s post and saw my name mentioned in it, it really did warm my winter. 

I really wanted to do my own post so I could spread the love to my own lovely blogging friends who have seriously made this year incredible. I never thought that I would make such amazing friends through blogging and I’m so grateful to all of you for making this year so incredible. 

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Solid Blog Squad

I have been super fortunate to have these wonderful people in my life and having them around is honestly one of the best parts of blogging. These are some of my favourite people on the internet – I can always count on their comments to make me smile and look forward to seeing what creative new content they come up with every time I log on. Thanks for all being great ❤

Destiny: 2019 Reading Resolutions & Goals | Mel: Holiday Gift Guide | Kathy: Anticipated Sequels & Series | Lauren: 2019 Reading Goals | Norrie: Out of my Comfort Zone tag | Aurora: Most Surprising Reads of 2018 | Alexa: Some Girls Bind Review | Greyson: Library Love | Annamieke: Dancing with SFF 2019 Reading Challenge | Emma: Get to know ya tag | Malanie: 12 Cozy Book Recs for Christmas Break | (The Other) Avery: Chasing American Monsters Review | Kat: What I’ve Been Binge Watching | Ellyn: Good Reading Habits Book Tag | Ashley: TBB Asks Holiday Edition | Marie: 2019 Anticipated Reads the YA Edition | and Erin!

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New Friends?!

One of the best things about blogging is constantly meeting new people and building up friendships (usually through freaking out over the same books). These are some of the great people I’ve met this year and who I’m looking forward to talking with more throughout 2019 ❤

Kaleena: Book Blogger Two Truths and A Lie | CW: A Corgi Christmas at Gen’s Art Garden | Becca: January’s (Very Long) TBR | LaRonda: I Regret Buying You | Lily: How Objective Are ARC Reviews? | Tina: Announcing for the Love of the eBook challenge | Evelina: Real Publicist Advice on how to get Review Copies | Alicia: 15 Winter Releases I’m Excited For | Tecsie: Advent Calander Unboxing | Acqua: Judging Before Reading – Buzzwords | Ceillie: How I’m Structuring my monthly TBR’s in 2019 | Kristin: The Jingle Bell Book Tag | Kate: What YA book should you read over Christmas Quiz | Imyril: Bite-size books – The Descent of Monsters

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Cool Event Peoples

Last, but definitely not least, are all of my wonderful friends I’ve met & hung out with at various events this year. Most of these friends aren’t book bloggers but are still very cool and I wanted to take the time to give them a shout out. Many of them are people who truly keep me going, support me through all my ups and downs, and made my 2018 shine.

Ellie (SFX Book Con 2) | Remy (Rebellion Publishing @ Nine Worlds) | Steve (9W) | Ben (9W) | Angie (9W) | Emily (9W) | Kate (9W) | Jeannette (9W) | Panic (9W) | EK (9W) | Nicole (9W) | Womble (9W) | Mia (9W) | Jaycee (9W) | Leigh (9W)

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Thanks so much to everyone, regardless of whether you are on this list or not, for making 2018 such an amazing year. I hope this post brought a little warmth to your winter nights and I can’t wait to talk to you all more in 2019

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27 thoughts on “2018 in Review| 2018 Friendships

  1. Thank you so much for including me Avery!! The blogging community has really been a warm light for me this year and I’m so glad you’ve been apart of that for me and that you think I’ve been a part of that for you too!

    Can’t wait to go through this later and check out all the bloggers I don’t know yet that you’ve listed! ☺️

    Here’s to a hopefully amazing 2019 of blogging 💖

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Aw, thank you so much! This totally warmed my cold and snowy winter night ❤️ I never thought blogging would mean as much to me as it does and the biggest reason I love it so much is getting to connect with other lovely readers like you! Thanks for an amazing bookish year 😊

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Aaaaah!! I’m so glad to be here 😀 I haven’t been around on WordPress as much as I like lately, but I always enjoy reading your posts. Here’s to more awesome books in 2019!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Aww this was such a lovely post Avery! I really enjoyed seeing all the people who’ve made your year really great – it’s so good to see people forming strong friendships in the book community. 🙂 I’m so happy that we’ve become friends this year and that you included me on this list. ❤ I have so much fun talking to you about books and I can't wait to continue chatting about new releases and book events in 2019. Merry Christmas!


  5. Awh, Avery! Thank you so much, sweetheart! This completely made my day. I am so blessed to know you, but I’m so honored to call you my friend. I hope 2019 has a couple buddy reads in store for us. And I hope you’re having the happiest of holidays! 💞xx

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  6. Avery, this post totally warmed my heart! Thank you so much for mentioning me and I am so happy that you found friendships in the blogging community 😀 people are the best part of this experience for sure! We are all so glad to have you! I wish you happy holidays and a great start into the year 2019.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. omg Avery this was the nicest thing!!! 😭😭😭 my jaw literally dropped when I saw you included me! I can’t wait to go through everyone else’s blog as well! thank you so much for always reaching out with a comment, I love seeing your name come up on my notifications! I can’t wait to talk more this year! (also I took your suggestion and just finished Circe and I LOVED it!)

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Aww this is such a great and heartwarming post, thank you for taking the time to write it down and for including me, wow, I’m honored, really and it’s been so great sharing comments and chatting with you ❤ Here's to wonderful holidays and an incredible start of 2019 for you, Avery ❤ Sending you tons of love! ❤

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  9. Aawh! I’m seeing this way late – whiiii, life – but thank you so, so much! This honestly made my crappy day a little less crap. ❤

    And, just so you know, it was amazing meeting you at YALC last year. Even though I was awkward and totally out of sorts due to my first trimester, I'm so happy I got to meet you in person and give you your gift box that way. ❤


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