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I know that I have been sadly slow with producing any book related content or articles for this blog. I have been busy being a grumpy burrito in my new slanket, chipping away at the mountain of third-year deadlines coming up next week and last weekend was my 25th birthday! But whilst I don’t have time for any proper content at the moment, I wanted to post something. So here’s a cheeky little introduction filler post, which I’ve nicked off my friend Kaiden over at the Habitual Blogger to tide you over until I emerge exhausted but victorious on the other side of deadlines.

A is for Avery

That’s me! I changed my name to Avery shortly after my 18th birthday in 2010, after f3267e18ac33c375f2486b54e6d1cfdegoing by Jay in various circles for 4 years prior to that. I tried Jack for a little bit, getting caught up in feeling the pressure to portray myself as super masc, but felt like it never really fit me. I love my name, and there’s nothing cooler than having a name that means ‘Elf Ruler’ in my eyes.

B is for Bed

I hate getting out of bed. And when I do get out of bed I spend most of days, when I’m home, sitting in a blanket. I have problems with my joints that get really bad when I’m cold, so it’s really important that I’m able to stay warm. That, and I’m a red panda so I like to be snuggly.

C is for Cuddles

I love nothing better than days off where I can lay around alternating between cuddles with Achilles, and cuddles with Tom. But all cuddles have to be on my terms, otherwise I become very cat like and slink away disgustedly.

D is for Dogs

Despite having wanted a dog all of my life, I was not lucky enough to get my first dog until I was 20. I became very close with one of my friends dogs, a little Chiweenie with a big personality called Wren, when I lived with them. I had always wanted one of Wren’s puppies but was never in stable enough housing to have a dog. As Wren neared the end of her pup bearing days, she became pregnant for the last time and my friend insisted on keeping a puppy back for me (the best decision ever made). Sadly, only two puppies survived; Dexter and Hope. I owned Dexter from the age of 0-3 years old, when I sadly lost him in very tragic circumstances. He was a very special dog, and losing him continued to be very hard for me. However, me and my partner knew that having a dog had become an integral part of me, and helped me in a support capacity. So, last year we adopted our (now almost) 3 year old Staffy Achilles and life is definitely much better.

E is for Engaged

Like Kaiden, I am also engaged to my partner Tom. Whilst we have only been together just over 2 years, we have lived together the entire time, been through an unbelievable amount of crap, and cared for two dogs together. We always get remarks from new friends expressing surprise when they find out it’s only been 2 years. I guess we must be a pro at the Old Married Couple vibe!


F is for Fear

I have a rather odd fear that a lot of people find hilarious, but I am honestly terrified of snails. Even the word makes me feel sick. I can’t look at pictures, I can’t be near them outside, and become in a complete state of panic if it is too near me. I’m not sure where the fear comes from or why, but there we go.

G is for Golf

Most people don’t know this about me, but I used to play golf when I was younger (not necessarily through choice). A part of my family is really into golf, and one of my cousins is a golf teacher, so I ended up getting roped into it as well. Whilst I don’t have much interest in it anymore, it certainly plays to my advantage when I get to thrash people at mini golf!

H is for Hamsters17862832_1370751496349821_5828378726518299871_n

I was going to go for ‘History’ (part of my degree) but clearly hamsters are so much more interesting! I have owned various Syrian hamsters on and off since I was a child, most of whom have had fandom related names. So far I have had a Lex (no… not Lex Luther, Lex Hammond from Jurassic Park!), Sam (as in Sam Winchester), Pippin (Peregrin Took). and we now own an almost 2 year old Syrian called Faolan. I’ll be posting some hamster-related blogs as I’m really into Erin’s vlogs on hamster care, and once Faolan has passed on we’ll be looking at getting some Winter Whites or Campbell’s Dwarf Hamsters.

I is for Introverted

Lots of people who meet me might think that I would be an extrovert, but I am definitely more of an introvert. I was raised as a chatty single child who turned into a very withdrawn teenager as a result of bad mental health stuff. Whilst I enjoy hanging out with people, I find it really hard to leave the house and end up staying in most of the time which is something I would like to work on, so I can actually see my friends sometimes.

Ok, so maybe I’m not *just* there for the dinosaurs…

J is for Jurassic Park

I am obsessed with Jurassic Park. I wanted to be a paleontologist as a child, which I was very proud of telling everyone who would listen so that they would be impressed at me knowing such a long word. I don’t love dinosaurs as much as I did back then, but I am still obsessed with the JP films and am hoping, once my workload decreases, to actually have time to work on my talk on themes of conversation in the JP franchise.

K is for Kids

I’m not sure if anyone really knows this about me but I have always wanted children and am excited for the day when we are ready to have our own kids in the future. I already have the names, bedrooms, films, and most importantly the children’s literature picked out! Until then, I have to make do with enjoying stories from the few friends I know who already have children. Hopefully someone I’m close with will have a child soon so I can borrow them for trips out! ;D

17760104_1362928467132124_3901327851136438644_nL is for Lists

I love lists. I have to plan my day in lists otherwise I never remember anything, so it made perfect sense when Tom bought me my first bullet journal so that I can list to my hearts content whilst also designing my own planner!

M is for Manchester?

I’ve lived in London for my entire life (25 years!) and it is a really hard place to live. I used to love the fast-pace of the city and how much there is to do. But as I grow older, I become more aware of how overbearing the city is, how selfish and rude a lot of the public are, and how inaccessible London is so even though there’s lots on I often can’t travel to it! We’ve been debating leaving London for about a year now, and seem to finally have settled on Manchester as where we’ll hopefully be going!

N is for Name Houses

I was just having a conversation with Tom about how much I enjoy houses with names (like the Burrow, etc)! I’m sending a package to a friend whose house has a name and I think it’s the coolest thing. I’ve only lived in flats and small shared houses in London where it’s a generic name/number type thing, so I would be very excited to live in a name house one day!

O is for Orange

Orange is my favourite colour at the moment! It was green until quite recently as I love the calming, freshness of green. But I love the warm embrace of orange so much more. Our frontroom is currently orange and teal themed.

maxresdefaultP is for Playstation

I have owned the various models of playstations since I was about 8? All of my playstations, with the exception of my PS4 that Tom/my mum went halvsies on for my birthday last year, have been second hand as they’re obviously quite pricey. But as an avid gamer they are definitely a must-have. I tried Xbox for a while but hated it, and am glad to be back in the arms of PS with all of their PS exclusives like my birthday copy of Horizon Zero Dawn! Add me on PSN @ Tazius_d

Q is for Quiet

I have to have almost absolute silence to work in as I cannot concentrate otherwise, which can be hard to come by in a house with someone with ADHD, and a Staffy who likes to run around a lot and who is part of a notoriously vocal breed!

R is for Riding

Ok.. so maybe I’m cheating a little bit, but there were a lot of options for H! I used to ride horses as part of a council scheme that helped ‘disadvantaged youths’ gain access to leisure activities and hobbies. I absolutely loved horse riding. As a child I amassed a large collection of horse and pony handbooks, volunteered at my local stables, and even considered a career in horse management! Unfortunately, I had to give it up as it became a bit too unaffordable, but I’m hoping that one day I can return to it.

S is for Star Wars

Screenshot (4)I’m a massive fan of Star Wars after being indoctrinated by my nan’s husband as a tiny baby. I’ve been watching Star Wars all my life, and whilst lots of people turn their noses up at children watching lots of films Star Wars is what first introduced politics to me in a way that I could actually understand. I own all of the films, most of the SW games (including a subscription to the Old Republic online and Battlefront), and a few of the associated books! I’m also hoping (if I’m brave enough!) to cosplay as Jyn Erso at the next Nine Worlds.

T is for Teaching?

As I’m nearing the end of my undergrad degree, I have been doing a bit of a panic about what actually comes next – hence the name of this blog! I knew that I always wanted to do something related to either children, young people or animals (or a combination), but have never been quite sure what I wanted to do. At a recent careers fair, Tom picked up some leaflets about teaching programmes and the more time I spend thinking about it, the more the idea seems appealing. What do you think? Would I make a good teacher?

U is for University

I didn’t attend uni until I was 21.5 years old and am still here 4 years later! I had really bad experiences in school for a number of reasons and ended up completely failing most of my GCSE’s (I left with half a GCSE in Religious Studies!). For a long time, I thought I was too *stupid* for education but was encouraged to try again, ended up on an access to HE course and now I’m almost finished my undergrad degree!

V is for Valiant AND Virtuous

Before you start laughing, no I’m not necessarily talking about myself! Well, maybe only a little bit. Whenever I play video games I always end up accidentally making the same character in slightly different bodies who are always very valiant and virtuous. Whether it’s in Dragon Age Inquisition, SWTOR, The Walking Dead, or Life is Strange, I am always there being annoyingly moral and fighting Evil. Well, I guess that’s what happens when you get a Gryffindor playing video games! I’m sure it would be more fun to be a thief and a murderer, but the Gryffindor within strongly resists.


W is for Windows

Our windows are annoyingly the perfect height for Achilles standing on his hind legs, and as a he is very determined to spend his days spying on the trains and neighbours through the windows, we have to be very careful with our windows. It will be our first summer in our new flat, so fingers crossed it won’t be too warm!

X is for X-tremely stuck

Such a cop out I know, but come on… X is always the hardest one! I like x-men… I played a xylophone in my primary school choir ones… Like Kaiden I also owned a Sony Xperia. Well, I guess that’s enough of the X!

Z is for Zoos

One of my essays I’m about to submit for my Human-Animal Relations module is on the topic of zoos, and what displays of animals say about people. I loved zoos a lot as a kid and wanted to be a zoo-keeper for a really long time. However, as I’ve gotten older, I’ve begun to think more critically about places like zoos and animals more generally but am still torn between critical thinking and enjoying the zoo nonetheless.


I don’t know many people on here yet, so I’ll tag the people I know 😉 Inchwyrm, The Miffed Scholar and Odd Socket Blog

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