August TBR | First-time NEWTs

Like my O.W.Ls earlier in April, I hadn’t intended on studying for the N.E.W.Ts, mostly because my dissertation is due in early September and I didn’t think I would have time! Fiction reading is giving me a nice break from reading academic books all-day though and there are a few books I’d love to read before Dublin 2019 (World Con) so a structured TBR would definitely be helpful for keeping me on track.

The career that I chose back in April was ‘Magizoologist’ as it is the career I would most love to do in the Potterverse. I passed all of the O.W.Ls I needed to progress onto the N.E.W.Ts for the Magizoologist career so I’m ready to sit my N.E.W.Ts. I need to achieve an O in Magical Creatures, an E in Charms, and an E in Herbology. For each N.E.W.T, I then need to pass the prompt for each grade so I will need to read 3 books for Magical Creatures, 2 for Charms and 2 for Herbology. In total, I will need to read 7 books this month in order to pass my N.E.W.Ts and become a Magizoologist ❤

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August TBR

Care of Magical Creatures



Acceptable – A is for Aragog! 

After Atlas is one of my Dublin 2019 reads that I want to read before the 15th August. I picked up a copy of it at Easter Con in April and was lucky enough to get it signed by Emma, but I would love to be able to read it in time for her kaffeeklatsch.




Exceeds Expectations – Under 300 pages

I was lucky enough to win an ARC of Wranglestone at YALC last weekend and have been looking forward to starting it. It’s got queer rep in it, zombies, post-apocalyptic national parks, and lots of ice! It sounds very cool and I can’t wait to start reading.



the migration

Outstanding – Bird on the cover

August is also ARC August, so I figured why not combine it with some of my N.E.W.T books and knock down two bricks with one stone? I was so, so lucky to get a copy of The Migration and have been feeling awful over the fact I haven’t read it yet. But I will have to read it now in order to get my Outstanding N.E.W.T!






Acceptable – Gorgeous Cover

There are a few concerns I have over the content in Music and Malice but I’m continuing to read the book so I can see how things develop and be able to write a more comprehensive review of it. It also means I can use it for the Acceptable prompt for Charms as it does have the most gorgeous cover.




Exceeds Expectations – Comic/Graphic Novel/Manga 

I was so excited when I realized Mooncakes was still available on Netgalley’s ‘Read Now’ section because it looks so cute and I’ve heard such lovely things about it. It also counts as an ARC so it’s eligible for both my N.E.W.Ts and ARC August!





an oath of dogs

Acceptable – Audiobook or Green Cover

I don’t listen to audiobooks so decided to go with a green cover for this and I’ve also been getting a real craving to read An Oath of Dogs all month. I’m in the perfect mood for eco-terrorism, sentient dogs and a forested moon! Plus, this one of my super overdue ARCs from Angry Robot and I sob thinking about not having read it sooner and potentially angering the robot overlord!


record of a spaceborn few

Exceeds Expectations – 350-390 pages long

I’m not sure what that number has to do with Herbology but I’m not going to complain because Record falls right within its page length target. I got my copy signed by Becky at last year’s YALC and I’ll be seeing her at World Con in just a few weeks time which I’m SCREAMING ABOUT. Plus it gives me an incentive to finally read Record of a Spaceborn Few!



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Dublin 2019 Reading List

There are a few other books which I would love to get round to reading before World Con but given that I already only have 14 days to read 2 books I’m not sure I’ll manage to read anything else. If I do get a chance then I really want to read Trail of Lightning by Rebecca Roanhorse and Ninefox Gambit by Yoon Ha Lee as they will both be at World Con!!

I didn’t set a TBR for last month and only ended up reading 2 things (one novel, one graphic novel) so I’m hoping that having a TBR again will put me set me back on track with my reading. I’d love to hear if you’re going to Dublin 2019 too and, if you are, what books you’re planning to read beforehand. If you’re not going, then comment and let me know what books you’re reading for ARC August, N.E.W.Ts or other TBR books!

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8 thoughts on “August TBR | First-time NEWTs

  1. I always hear about these O.W.Ls, but have never participated. One day I will have too because it sounds really fun and imaginative. I’m crossing my fingers that you enjoy Trail of Lightning. It is one of my absolute favs and just need everyone to read it. Good luck and happy August! Also, make sure to plan something special for yourself after you finish your dissertation. You deserve it.


  2. I have only heard wonderful things about Mooncakes! That color palette just really fits into the Magizoologist category in my head?? it’s mostly the warm and fluffy colors + the soothing vibe it gives off and I just really dig it. Best of luck with your NEWTs! c:


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