Wrap Up | May: AAPI Heritage Month

Hey Panda friends!

I absolutely cannot believe that it is the end of May and we’re already halfway through 2018. Whaaaaaaaat?! Idk how time is flying so fast and I always seem to be so behind on everything. May seems to have been a massive blip for me in terms of organization so sadly I didn’t get to post most of the topics I had planned and only read 3 out of 8 on my TBR! Oops… BUT I did read some fantastic books this month anyway and am smashing my Goodreads Challenge (which I have now increased from 50 to 75 books).

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* Circe by Madeline Miller – ★★★★★
* Stardew Valley Guidebook – ★★★★★
* Secret Societies and Crazy Cults: The History of Secret Orders through the Ages by Jonathan J. Moore – ★★★ – review
(L) Children of Blood and Bone by Tomi Adeyemi – ★★★★★

(L) Saga: Volume 5 by Brian K. Vaughn and Fiona Staples – ★★★★★
* Dragon Age: The World of Thedas by David Gaider – ★★★★★
(ARC) Where the Stars Rise: Asian SFF edited by Lucas K. Law and Derwin Mak – ★★★★★ – BOOK OF THE MONTHreview
* Once Were Warriors by Alan Duff – ★★★★
* Legend by Marie Lu – ★★★★

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Book Haul

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I was super well behaved this month. Although I did acquire 5 books ALL 5 books were either free or super cheap. I found copies of The Secret Life of Bees and Small Island by the side of the road. Water for Elephants and Flame in the Mist were both £1/£1.80 in charity shops. And Once Were Warriors is from eBay and bought for AAPI Heritage Month!

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  • If you hadn’t already seen, I am in the process of finishing my first paid piece of writing. It’s currently in the last stages of editing so it should be being published soon and then I can share it with you all!
  • I was interviewed a few weeks ago on Asexual Artists where I spoke for the first time about that aspect of my identity and my work as a diverse book blogger!
  • This month I also jigged my Patreon page around so that it more accurately reflects where I’m at and where I want to be heading. If you would like to contribute in return for my blog content and/or support me as a writer then please check it out! We’re currently saving up to move house in the 2 months so everything is currently going towards the cost of moving, and after that, it will be going towards helping me afford a complete redesign of this blog!
  • Alternatively, if regular monthly donations aren’t your thing but you would like to ‘tip’ me I now also have an Amazon wishlist full of books, video games, and bookish accessories. Anything bought from my wishlist will be opened via Instagram stories and reviewed/streamed!



Writing with Anxiety

Catch Up

Bank Holiday Weekend

Book review (7)

A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas

Where the Stars Rise: Asian SFF ed. Lucas K. Law & Derwin Mak

Top 10 Tuesday (6)

TTT | Beautiful Blue Books

TTT | Rainbow Covers

TTT | Favourite Character Names ( & how I came to be called Avery)

TTT | Series I need to Finish


What is Asian American & Pacific Islander Heritage Month?

AAPIHM | Pasifika Recommendations

AAPIHM | South East Asian Recommendations


Quiz | Sort Your Dog into a Hogwarts House

Copy of let's discuss (1)

Let’s Discuss | Bookstagram

Let’s Discuss | The Battle Between Reading & Reviewing

what's on the box (2)

May the 4th Be With You

Unboxing | April Fairyloot

Ramadan Readathon | TBR

I hope everyone had a pretty good May and is going to have an even better June because it’s PRIDE MONTH EEYYYYYYY.

What were your favourite reads of this month?

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8 thoughts on “Wrap Up | May: AAPI Heritage Month

  1. “Halfway through 2018” nooo don’t say things like that!

    Ooh, you read a Dragon Age book! Nice. I’ve been meaning to read them but never got aroun dto it. :/


  2. looks like u had a really good month!! im so glad!
    i STILL haven’t read children of blood and bone……….. i feel like the last person on earth who hasn’t!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I only recently started playing SDV – i couldnt get into it singleplayer – and i rly enjoy it now that i dont ahve to try and remember everytihng. theres too much to do in one day fo rme to enjoy alone.

    my favourite read of the month was ,,,, Uprooted or silver and bone 🙂


  4. YAYYYY I love seeing people smashing their Goodreads goal! Awesome!! My original goal was 75 but I’m also close to 50 books read now so I miiiiiight update mine as well. Thanks for sharing that interview. 🙂 I am also ace, but still working out if that’s the way I’m most comfortable identifying myself, so I don’t talk about it much.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s exactly where I’m at as well. That interview was basically the one time where I’ve really spoken about it properly, I don’t even open up much to my partner about it so it’s nice when you find other people at a similar place as you!


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